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Hey guys, I am interested and focused on finding a competitive team for Halo 5 Guardians. I prefer this team to already have sponsors in order to save the hassle. I have plenty of tourney experience with a lot of top 5 finishes and even some 1st place finishes in Halo CE: I am an older guy at 32, but I have experience and great communication. Hopefully I can get some tryouts posting on here. My old GT was StK Damien for Halo CE: If you search it on youtube you will find some old gameplay that shows my teamwork and individual skills. I was ranked in the top 10 on nearly every list back in the day. I am looking forward to hearing from any potential teams and look forward to success!

Let me know! SINISTER JT is my GT.. add me :)
Yo Damien do you remember playing halo
ce 50k2 new Jersey ona Team called FA with DooM chorizo and Fireballz? We placed 5th we lost to OpN by like 1 point . For some reason I could never find any info online about that tourney .
Yeah, I actually do remember that! I can never find info about any of the older tournaments I played in. Who is this? DooM or Fireballz? I know Chorizo still goes by Chorizo
First i tought you were the sponsor. Then i noticed you search a sponsor. But then i noticed you were looking for a sponsor, 6 years ago. Irony of greed. (my greed)
This is old post lol 2015 still very cool to see the dude reply back after all these years. I remember StK on CE Shoot To Kill. What happened to StK Tupac or Biggie? If I’m correct on this
Thank you for the good laugh! Much apptreciated! I am almost 39 years old, I was playing this game as a pro back when it was still on the original xbox. Xbox live wasn't even a thing.. HA I'm hoping that I can sponsor a young team, someday. As of now, not an option. I will message you in 6 years! HA

Tupac and Biggie were some chill -Yoink- dudes to play/hang/smoke with. Ha I'm not sure what happened to any of them, Dirt McGert was one of their good friends, as well.
I know Ogre 2 moved to Utah, which is where i'm from. Other than him, I don't really speak to any of the old school players.
Puckett and I won a 2v2 in Cleveland, just for the record books online. Ha ha We beat some pretty good teams, including Nistic and Ogre 1 in that tournament.