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Looking to make Pro Halo infinite Team

OP mmmmmmmPain

My brother and I are looking to form a Pro Halo team for Infinite. I have played at World Cyber Game tourneys for H2 and my brother was semi pro in H3. So we are looking for 2 more for Infinite we will be practicing Halo 4 since it is the closest thing for Infinite on pc. My gt: HADOUKEN ooO (those are letter o btw) or just message on this post and we will run some games with you.
Sign me up chief
Add my GT as well I play xbox: iTzDoctorDooom
Yoo Whatsup I’ll add you guys we can run some games and see the chemistry and skill level. My GT TerrorShahrk
Hi there! I've played in countless tournaments for every Halo game. Most recently won the Chill Out Classic 1v1 Tournament. I'm comin off a break I had from Halo. Back on my old account before I deleted it and thought I never would play halo again, I was a 152 #5 Champ in Solo Q. So i have experience.... I might be able to join if the schedule isn't tight. Hit me up on my gt: Gulchshot
Salut je souhaite également si ya de la place mon gt H2 Narvalo