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OP MysticalBark16

Hi there, I am looking to get a serious Halo 5 team going.

Currently have a few sponsorships so if things go well, things can easily expand to a professional team. I have been playing Halo competitively since the first Halo, please comment below why you should be in this team, ranks, etc.


NOTE - This is not one of my main Xbox accounts so do not add this one.
Hi i love playing competitively online and have been interested competitive Halo for a while. I am online almost every day and usually on Halo. I have been playing halo "competitively" sense Halo 4. I'm pretty well rounded at call outs, I primarily need improvement on team orientated call outs ex: backing off or making specific calls.
I am at average a diamond player and usually rank onyx in team arena. I'm a team player and focus on the objective. Only until now have I really considered being in a professional team. I consider myself a pretty good player, I just need the right teammates interested in being in a team and have the same skill/mindset that I have. I really hope we can get this to work and get a team together. My gamertag is as shown.
Hi, I made it to bronze 6 in break out. I can shot with the AR and crouch. Also, I always carry splinter nades.
I'm a diamond 5 in arena I think cause I'm always playing with randoms. Looking for a team to play competitively with. Used to play halo 3 competitively. Usually take main slayer role but am good running objective and support too. Gamer tag: i c0mmon
I like to use nornfang and oathsworn I feel I can single handedly win us a tourney if we put those in my hands