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Love halo's competitive scene.. what if H5 120FPS?

OP Frantazl

So I'm excited that MCC is getting the 120Hz upgrade.. in general, this is a huge milestone for competitive-level gaming on a global level when it comes to gaming consoles (both Xbox and PS5).. (as on PC's.. 360Hz was announced, which reduces peeker's advantage! - definitely worth a watch to understand about INPUT LAG, and why it's important for competitive playing.)

But.. if Halo Infinite's competitive scene is going to flourish.. I think it needs to build momentum now. (Seeing that an esports game actually brought out more fans to its game, than the super bowl of the current year!)

I've actually thought about this for awhile before posting.. and I think I came up with a solution to what is needed for this initial kickstart.

I think..

343 needs to give Halo 5 the 120Hz upgrade and have consistent pro-level match tournaments building up into the launch of Halo Infinite.

This could also allow Microsoft to release a Halo Infinite Beta on a global level being seen at a professional level, letting the audience see the game a month before launch, keeping anticipation.

343 has mentioned that Halo 5 Isn't Getting an Xbox Series X Upgrade" - source GAMERANT .. I think this is going to be a bad move for their momentum toward capturing a large market of the eSports scene.

What do you guys think..

Be vocal if you think this would be an awesome marketing decision to make the halo competitive scene grow to what you've really wanted, with larger prize pools for the winners, and more money for the company to make things easier, and continue to update the game.
I hope Halo 5 gets the same treatment as MCC.
I don't think that esports participants should get the game any earlier than other players. The game should have one street date where everyone is able to play it at the same time. Fighting and MOBA games don't do things like that, why should shooters?

Am I looking forward to Infinite, absolutely. Regardless of who you are, everyone should get the same treatment when it comes to launch dates. Review writers should get an extended length demo. I don't think they should get the full game. The full game requires gamepass or a $60 payment