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Lux Gaming seeking a Florida *only* H5 Team

OP LuxG Slayer

Hello all!

I'm with Lux Gaming, and am working on getting together the best Halo 5 players in Florida. This team will be representing the Orlando Force for the PBL League. Lux will be managing this roster for the season, which is why we are involved with the current player acquisitions. As of right now, we have a few players in mind but as there is no real way to track down who lives in Florida, are considering all players interested.

If you are an individual, we may be able to form a team. If you want to form your own team, we will setup a challenge match against any other formed teams/teams we form to determine who the best is. There will be a prize pool for this season, and likely a lan event to conclude the season with possible grassroots support.

If you are not currently residing in the state of Florida, unfortunately we cannot consider you. Once roster lock happens (within the next 30 days), the season is locked in and no other players can enter, so contact me ASAP if interested.

Jerseys and merch will be provided to the team as well as sponsor products, graphics, and promotion.

I can be reached at, via twitter @slayyyyerr, or by responding to this post/DMing.