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MuDShoT F/A for Dreamhack Anaheim


Looking for a team for Anaheim. I've placed top 32 and 24 in halo 3 and went to 6 MLG events total. Won many online tournaments and some local LANs in the past as well. Looking for a team that already has some accomplishments under their belt to be honest, but I'm open to anything. If you are interested in running games, please... PLEASE be serious about actually attending the event. Last thing I need is for people to pull bs like back in the day where we have our lineup and poof... Day before the event, someone can't make it. My tag is "MuDShoT" some of you may know me, other may not... Either way, lets get to it.
Lets do it
Steam- Mark0choa

The 0 is a zero
Steam: Gweilo! (poisonivan)
Discord: GweiloG#1866

Never got to officially compete back in the day because I was too young, but used to help fill slots for scrims. These days I've been mostly playing a lot of Overwatch, but been interested in trying out competing again — now that Halo's back to PC (and that I currently have lots of free time to spend). Usually get a minimum of 20 kills, usually 2.0 KD at least, and great with callouts (if you're looking for a shotcaller). Got placed to Onyx for FFA in 5, but never really had people to get competitive with for the more team-based modes. Anyways, just hit me up if you're down to try it out.