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Need a partner for FanFest Tournament!

OP I 7riton I

Hello Hello wonderful always understanding never ill tempered HALO Community! :)

Im registered for the Fanfest Tourney and looking for a partner ASAP!!
This is fun for me. Am an OG Halo grinder played more Halo than I care to admit... or do I admit it and am proud of it ;)

Anyways, I picked up MCC awhile back but started playing H3 more consistently again about month and half ago.

I'd like to participate. I am not expecting to place well or win. If you're in super ultra sweat mode right now Im probably not your guy.(Im saving that for Infinite) But I am not a complete noob I do recall some map call outs and some of the MLG maps.
HMU if you'd like to play. Tomorrow at 11am pt will be the first day. I am on US East Time.

I am on PC. My Steam ID: TritonSol


.... Please be my friend :/