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Not impressed with the UGC stream

OP Lil Boy Crispy

The entire production needs serious work. Waiting an hour between matches while the commentators discuss the same topics over and over...

Please, Halo deserves better than this.
Yeah. A lot of great gameplay this weekend but wayyyyyyyy too much time given to meaningless drivel from the commentators, particularly early on in the tournament when there wasn't a lot to talk about as every series was 3-0. They should have cut commentary by at least half and shown more games, even if the games had to just be replays.
I don't know if the time was actually scheduled this way or if it was due to their silly amount of technical issues though. Either way it was very poor. Audio cut out many times, sometimes they switched to the stage and there was no audio. The player cams and names were mismatched a lot. The percentages thing, I mean it's very minor, but how can something that simple even be wrong. It did improve, the first day was by far the worst. The thing I don't understand is why we need analysts to deconstruct a TOX vs random unseeded team series, it's just a waste of time. They are completely different classes of team, analysis is really not necessary at that point in the event. I still had a great time watching it, and I watched all of it. But it really felt like every technical issue and every unnecessary break caused a drop in viewers. The viewership generally did seem pretty good anyway, but with higher production quality I feel it could have held onto a lot more viewers. People were saying UGC are bad, so I don't know, are they always like this?
I think the UGC staff is taking feedback on Twitter and Discord.