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What’s up everyone…I’ve played halo since CE came out…competed back then and competed a lot in halo 3 I’m 35 looking for similar old heads to run games with…lol recently got back into it and forgot how much fun it was…guess that’s life but I get annoyed running match making and getting the worst of teammates so if you game a few times a week, add me l AdVeRsE l First letter and last letter are L’s with a space in between…I’m decent and just looking for decent players to run games with.
GT: StonerZomB i started end CE beginning of 2 around like 10 lol 25 now but play weird hours lol added tho
I started around 12 and im from 2002. For atleast a year after the release of H5G i never knew of other halo games. Still had my original Xbox which i got from family and the original Halo combat evolved whom i still own but only played the Campaign.
But im interested.
Started on CE did a lot of LAN party’s an tournament’s I’m 30 now… man time just flew by like a snap.. add me N8st