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Pros that made a difference

OP GFG Dusty

So watching this last event there were some pro players that really stuck out making consistent plays and doing a lot to keep their team in the competition. So I decided to compile a list of pros that fit this description over the weekend.
1. APG
2. Shotzzy
3. Snipedown
4. Mikwen
5. Stellur
6. Neptune
7. Pistola
8. Sayen
9. Renegade
10. Snakebite

So what were some pros that aren't on this list that you think were notable for their team? Do you think there are pros on this list that shouldn't be on here? Why?
jimbo was insane for infused
SGT Vane wrote:
jimbo was insane for infused
yeah, definitely. Mose and kimbo had their moments as well. Wanted to see those guys make top 4 honestly, they work so hard and people underestimate that team still.
<p>jimbo was insane for infused
Not in any particular order:
  • Saiyan: when that dude is hot, Envyus is a scary team. Absolute slaying machine.
  • Mikwen: similar to Saiyan, when he's hot REC can beat just about anyone. Another great slayer.
  • Snip3down: that overkill flag cap on Coli was clutch. Power weapon extraordinaire.
  • Shotzzy: best movement in Halo right now. Always in the right place at the right time.
  • Stellur: I think Stellur and Shotzzy are the secret sauce to Splyce's success. Obviously all 4 are phenomenal players, but it seems that those 2 are always at the center of the action. Stellur made a lot of great plays, plenty of power weapon kills (rocket to stop Tox from capping flag on Coli).
  • Frosty: similar to Saiyan and Mikwen. For Tox to play well, Frosty needs to be doing what he does best, slaying hard. I think Frosty, Saiyan, and Mikwen are the X factor for their respective teams. If they play well, team is set. If not, they're in trouble.
  • Snakebite: every time a power weapon or power-up is about to pop, I swear the team captain is right there to pick it up (Royal 1 gets some credit here as well!). Not a flashy player, but always so disciplined and making great decisions. Extremely high "Halo IQ" if that makes sense.