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Rank S Style Tournaments?

OP Shawn4Japan

ESEA does this thing with CSGO which would be pretty cool in Halo 5, or Infinite. ESEA League is an Electronic sports competitive video gaming community founded by E-Sports Entertainment Association (ESEA). The tournaments are called Rank S.

Rank S is a selective group of professional players and community favorites who have the ability to queue against other Rank S members in a highly competitive 10-man environment. All teams are selected by captains and use a map veto to allow for the most exciting matches and a prize pool of over $20,000 per region.

It's a low prize pool but it stretches out the tournament season to keep that population. Not to mention ESEA, higher in regards to UGC, FACEIT and Grassroots Tournaments which if you sit in the Discord is just mayhem unlike MLG Game Battles or the ESL Ladders.
What your describing is money 8s. The only thing you are suggesting outside of that is have more publicity, viewership, commentary etc. on the series.
$8s is the only thing keeping Halo alive. Turning that into publicity, viewership, commentary etc. is what Halo needs.
Maybe. Esports in general need better foundation for outsourcing.
I can agree to that, better more leniency and not a more tyrannical ESL approach we seemed to have taken inspiration from.
yes ,Esports in general need better foundation for outsourcing.