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Return to competitive gaming + need more Halo pals

OP Chemical Gh0st

Hello All!

Apologies in advance for the long read ahead 😄

First and foremost, I’m currently looking to get back into the competitive Halo scene and I’m looking to add more friends who actually play Halo. Add my GT and hit me up if you’re interested in doing some local (Colorado) or online tournaments (game battles still a thing?) Down mainly for H5, but would not mind H2 or H3 either if they still exist. FFA, 2’s, 4’s...I would also be down for the occasional LAN if its not too far.
GT: Chemical Gh0st

Full disclaimer:
Moreover, I’m a busy guy, so I’m not online a whole lot these days. However, I’m willing to put in the time when possible before an event or tournament. When I’m not busy or preparing for an event,I’m usually playing Fri, Sat, or Sun nights (around 10p MST) for a few hours doing ranked game types or messing around in warzone. My team play style is mainly a slayer support role but I’m pretty well rounded in other areas too. Call-outs, timings, map strategy are areas of improvement for me so I’d appreciate some help there ;)

A little background on me— Halo was life once upon a time before actual “life happened”. I played a ton of H2, H3, and Reach online and mostly competed in local H3 tournaments (2s, 4s, FFA). The 4s team I played on placed decently against some local heavy weights. 2s, not so much. Fun fact, I also competed in one of those World Championship FFA tournaments and actually made it the top 32 players in the nation where I played against H3 pros like Neighbor! I most likely would have made it to the top 16 if I didn’t decide to play the next round at my friend’s house where some dude was downloading 50 pirated movies at the same time 🤣

Anyways, thanks for sticking around if you made it here!
Hey man added you, let's run some games.
I´ve never played in a tournament, but I really enjoy to play halo too, and I do not really recognize myself as a REALLY REALLY GOOD HALO PLAYER (u can see it in my service record), but however I have enough experience in halo to get by in multiplayer matches.
Anyway I also have a little busy life as you, and we can play when both have a break, and I ensure you that with a great mic we can win many matches as we want, adde me ;)
Hey man added you, let's run some games.
Thanks Shawn. I didn’t see an invite so I added you