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Should I Arrive at DH Anaheim Early (FFA Tourney)?


I'm planning on participating in the Halo Reach FFA tournament at DH Anaheim. As you may know it's a first come first serve kind of thing. I've never been to a DreamHack event before so I wanted to ask you guys if I should arrive like 3 hours early so I can just run to the Halo venue and sign up or if there's really no chance in signing up due to a long line outside?
When I played in the H5 ffa and H3 ffa tournaments during the events in New Orleans and DreamHack events, there was a time for sign up and when that time comes they pull everyone out the main place to form a line and then to sign up. Now I don’t know if it will still be like that but at least get there a hour early :)
Always arrive early chief.
Always arrive early chief.
Lol yup
I arrived 3 hours early and was the first to sign up. Thanks for the advice, you guys!