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St Louis TO4 Looking for a logo designer

OP Nadesicle

Hi guys,

if anyone has any legitimate experience in making logos for a team, please shoot me a message. We’re a TO4 heading to St Louis. We all have competitive gaming experience both online and LAN from the Halo 3 days. If you can design/create a great logo for us, please give it a shot.

Please message me for for more information on our team and what kind of compensation we can donate for your time on the project.

Maybe Trout can help you! Best of luck in St Louis!
Myself, and a longtime friend of mine, have recently founded an esports team and gaming community. We are planning to recruit players from multiple games in the competitive scene. Since we are most familiar with Halo, we decided that we would start in this series first.

If that sounds interesting to you and the To4, then please let me know so we can discuss further. We have a team name, logo, colors and etc. already decided.