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Submit your clips for HCS DreamHack Denver!

OP StrongSide

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Much to Choose from I hope you enjoy, I delete everything off of my xboxdvr once I've downloaded it. (Nara Oshima)
HCS Summer 2017 Playlist - In the Zone xD
ZOMBIE SLAYER - Just did this today haha please check it out.
All HCS clips

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Not going down without a fight.
Pretty sweet sniper overkill on Coli if you wanna check it! - Game winning overkill - Nice lift triple - LONG double no scope
2 in 1:

Cap win no scope:


Hide & Seek:



Coli Killing Frenzy - 3 Triples, 1 Double in 1 minute *********

Plaza Overkill

The Rig Overkill (not an HCS game but a dirty ninja for the triple)
OV Ninja:
Weird Quickscope:
Denied Snipe:
Back of the seat headshot:
Tank kill to Ninja:
The perfect lineup:
Some Dragon Ball Z fist thing:
Some snapshots I guess:
Another Ninja I guess:
There's a lot of clips in this but the one I'd really like to be included would be the overkill on Rammyy and SwiSh.
It's the second to last clip.
If you need me to clip it out let me know.
I brand as Takedown so if my clip is used please use that instead of Dread Takedown for my name in the clip.
"T2 Combo + 2V2 fun"

"MCC Jaro for the win"
HCS killtacular CTF clutch
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