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Submit your clips for HCS DreamHack Denver!

OP StrongSide

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Killtrocity on Heniz and Renegade
Thank You
HCS Double Ninja
Overkill Sniper Arena
Perfect Overkill Extermination
In this first clip, we were tied 2-2 in overtime and I got an extermination that allowed me to return our flag to win the game.
In this second clip, I got my easiest extermination since the whole enemy team made it really easy for me to kill them all with my sniper.

I hope you like these clips and thanks for taking a look at them! - double kill with ninja while 1 shot. - Tripple kill. clusterluck and ninja finish - ninjas - 1 shot tripple kill - Overkill handed to me - Flashy snipes falling off map - Overkill railgun - Overkill exterm - Overkill snipes - 360 noscope - Overkill while 1 shot - 180 ninja on overshield - Overkill exterm while holding flag

One of these is bound to work lol
Big thanks to everyone who submitted clips to be featured at HCS Fall Finals 2017 at DreamHack Denver! I really enjoyed watching through some truly incredible plays. From the community montages, we featured 44 clips submitted by 30 different players, totaling 13 minutes and 40 seconds of montage footage for the show. Take a look at the list below to see if your clip was featured!

Community Montage #1

Community Montage #2

Community Montage #3

Community Funny Montage

Pro Montage #1

Pro Montage #2

Pro Montage #3

Here is the list of community players featured:
  • Clip_huntin_kid
  • Dannte
  • Deranged_REX
  • du_kanske
  • EcHeL0N
  • Exenius
  • FlamingBull
  • GrizzlyCougar
  • HaloKid
  • iCoookieMonster
  • Itz_King_Gene
  • LethalQ
  • MattyDHimself
  • Moukeeee
  • Perciiiii
  • Pop_PopperzZ
  • PwR_Vampt
  • Ryscu
  • ShabbyIDagger
  • ShadXw_H1
  • ShaqFocus
  • Spyder_Sensed
  • squadwerd
  • SwiffySwiss
  • Wonderboy
  • xLemon_Max11
Wait how do we know you're the real StrongSide? You didn't even like, sign your post or anything. Amateur.

Community Montage #1 - That ninja camo grab on Fathom from Ryscu is absolutely dirrrrrrty haha, love it. HaloKid's ninja flag later on (might be in #3, can't recall), was equally nasty. Love these clips :)

Edit: Pro Montage #3 - Subzero fires one of the the most perfect nades I have seen in a game, from the clip on Empire
Hey look that's me! Really appreciate the community montages. I have a sneaking suspicion the answer is no, but is there any chance this qualifies me for the Unicorn Fire skin?
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