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Team Titan looking for EU players! PC and XBOX!


Hello my name is Peter/ Titan Flyerr and I'm 21 years old and lives in Sweden. I'm in a team named Team Titan and we are looking for some more players who wants to play with me on tournaments on MCC and infinite.
We wants to know more about yourself, wants to know your competitive history, it's good if you have an xbox and a pc depends witch plattform the competitive scene will be the bigger one and that you want to go pro 100%

The requirments are:
- do a tryout, like callouts, 1v1 etc
- have a good social communication and be active,
- lives in EU/ better if you lives in Sweden
- really want to go up pro to 100%
- be 16 years old (best 18+)

We are going to need 3 more players, maybe a reserv and a coach. All will be under a contract,
We are not going to look at your rank or best KD/Ratio, just how you communicate, do callouts, know your role, know the maps and generally have fun!

If you are interested and want to know more info contact me:

Gamertag: PET3RAN
Steam: Mr. Bazuzu
Discord: Bazuzu#3386