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Terms of participation Halo World Championship

OP GreyWarden1987

Hello dear community and Spartans,
I'm interested in the Halo World Cup and the terms and conditions.
Can someone help me there?
Where can one find information. What are the terms of participation. Contacts...

I'm happy about every tip.

You may want to start with these resources:



Sry, but not here at, nor from MLG support, Blizzcom, X-Box support, Microsoft support,
343-Industries anyway not because you are always redirected to Microsoft, I get information.
I wrote the Halo championship participants here on Halowaypoint. Not a single one thought it necessary to write back.

This sucks me now and have the muzzle full.

No one helps, no one knows, then I just leave it.
I'm sorry that I let this out on you but ... that had to get out now.

Happy holidays, a happy new year and lots of fun playing. Thank you for contacting us.

Greetings Greywarden1987
Yeah I have no idea what you're talking about.