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Tournament Prize Pool Boost


Is it possible for HCS to run a community funded prize pool that has the user purchase some sort of in-game digital content such as skins, labels or badges for a small fee and have a desired percentage go towards the prizepool. With a tier system implemented so that if the user wants they can spend more money to acquire more digital items and in return boost the prizepool. If a user wants to buy a $10 minimum amount they can do so. A player could also put down $1000 if they desire. All of this would be done in hope to create a larger prizepool so players have more to play for. Dota has a great model for this as they were able to generate $88,000,000 each year and 25% went towards the prizepool. I know their community is much bigger but even a 50,000-100,000 boost from the halo community would create big events for the halo players. The original sponsor can front 25-100k and let the community do the rest. I don’t see what there is to lose in trying this out. It can be hard for some players to justify going across the world or country for a small pool tournament that gets divided into next to what you paid to get there. I know it’s not all about the money, but money does generate more interest and hopefully better turnout.
let me know your thoughts on this.
I definitely like this idea.

I know the Halo community isn't as big as it once was, but the prize pools for Xbox's flagship competitive game don't even come close to other games out there now... I'd definitely chip in, especially if I got something in return - ie. skins or something else.
I'm sure ideas like this are being discussed by the HCS team for Halo Infinite.