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Track Your Favorite Players

OP TheNoochGoodler

Hey everyone! I've written a feature rich application to track Halo 5 stats and follow your friends. It has taken me a ton of work, and I'm super proud of it, so I'd love it if you'd all try it out. The site is at
Anyone signed in on this? No offence, but this seems a bit sketchy.
This website is lit.
you have to make an account or can i just browse around?
wondering if anybody did sign up for this App.
Hi Everyone - I apologize for taking so long to respond to this - I didnt know i had any replies! I have unified the branding of the site and it is now - There is extensive background information on the sign-in security of the application there for you to check out if you're worried about security! We have a bunch of users already, and the site content is improving every single day.

You only have to sign in / register your gamertag once, and then the site defaults to your profile every subsequent login - this is the reason for the authentication - unfortunately you do need to have a Microsoft account in order to enter the application, although the authentication is handled completely by, and no one on my development team has any access to your microsoft data *whatsoever*.

I really hope you all enjoy it!
Dope but did not sign in
Most of my favorite players left halo and are now playing other games :(