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[Locked] UGC Halo Classic - possible codes/giveaway thread

OP AshamanND

Credit for the formatting goes to DaxSeven09

The UGC Halo Classic begins today as the first official HCS Grassroots tournament! While nothing has been announced, it is possible that there could be some giveaways during the streams. Even though it is MCC focused, you never know! In the event that there are any codes or other giveaways, I thought it would be nice to have the good old thread ready to go!
Again, it is not known if anything will be given away. Maybe Req codes, maybe even a few Grassroots nameplates/skins? Even if nothing is given out, at least this post will help everyone find all the streams.


[Once the tournament starts and if codes or other giveaways become a reality - if any mod thinks this is better suited in a different forum - please feel free to move it so that more people might see it.]
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