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VOID E-Sports Looking for Comp and Casual Players.

OP Doorgon7987

Void E-Sports is known as a top competing Mordhau team but is currently looking into Halo: The Master Cheif Collection (PC) as the team's new E-Sport. We are looking for players of both casual and competitive natures, we are looking for upwards of 20 competitive players and 30-100 Casual players.

About Void E-Sports:
Founded on July 8th, 2019, Void is an ambitious, rapidly growing multi-gaming clan! We are centered around competitive gaming as well as a feeling of membership among our community. This means that joining Void is more impactful than your average clan; joining Void means joining a family of friendly and dedicated members. Hosting tournaments, discovering new talented players, and creating entertaining content is our central goal, and we hope to be the place where you spend your time.

Tournaments / Events Void E-Sports Will Be Competing in:
Void E-Sports have already decided to join the Halo MCC: Pro Series, Along with others such as the Halo 2 4v4 Tournament happening every Sunday. Void E-Sports will be hosting many In-house's with just the Void members for various prizes such as video games, or gift cards for several stores. Void E-sports will also be hosting many Custom games for the casual players on Halo: Reach Forge, Halo: 2A Forge, and Halo: 3 Forge.

Requirements To Join Void E-Sports:
- We have rules that we expect all members to follow
- You must be 16 or over
- Must be an active member of the community

How To Join Void E-Sports:
Although we have many ways for you all to contact us, we would prefer if you did this Google Form showing us that you are right for Void E-Sports