Hey everyone, im Nocturnalkernal, a Pro halo 3 player from MLG. I'm excited to see so much new and old talent return to halo. Back 10 years ago, Brake (Another Pro) and I wrote a guide for halo. We made the weapons Training Section Free at halolessons.com and wanted to share as much as we could on this forum for New Players.

How to Win a Majority of your Battle Rifle Fights
Most people would be surprised to learn that winning many of your Battle Rifle fights will heavily rely on how you play the game. A good player will win most of their fights by first learning how to spot an advantage or disadvantage situations as they form so they can best play out each of the situations. Once you start to become aware of these advantages and disadvantages you can start to manipulate yourself into more and more good advantage plays that will stack you much more kills than deaths in every life.

The Advantages to Learn
Knowing all the advantages of the game that can arise will help you capitalize on every other player’s mistakes and will show you how to take control of each game. People who challenge without advantages are not realizing that they rely on other player's mistakes way too heavily and is often why they don’t win many of their fights. Remember, this is a team game so you can rely on your teammates to clean up the fight for you. This keeps you alive so you can then move forward together. When you are in a 1v1 fight and you do not have any type of advantage, back down and call for help. Read the advantages to play by and start to become aware of these in game, so you can be the most dominate battle rifle player in every game you play.

Precision Weapons | Advantages in Fights
Recognizing when you have advantages in battles is essential to knowing how to finish plays so you can push, play passive, or stay back. Start becoming aware of these advantages whenever you play, and you will see that you will increasingly start to win more battles in each fight you get into.

First shot Advantage
First shot advantage is having the ability to know who has the first shot when you get into individual fights with your opponents. Players who can get first shot advantage and realize they have the upper hand, will always be quick to finish kills and win their fights. Gain awareness on who has first shots, so you know if you’re going to win the battle by default or not. If you don’t have first shot, don’t be overly aggressive.

Shield Advantage
Seeing the shields of your opponents is very important to knowing if you have an advantage over the opposing players shields when you are shooting at them. If you always play situations where you only challenge when you have the shield advantage on your opponents, you will find staying alive longer during each life will become much easier.

Strafing Advantage
Strafing is the key to survival in tough situations. Your strafe movements need to either use the environment to create your weird strafe, or you can use your opponent’s own body movements to counter the way he is moving to throw off his aim. Practice doing awkward motions so your Spartan can out strafe your opponent’s shots to win more battles with unpredictable movements. Once you become good at strafing, you will feel how to perfectly out strafe an opponent in the heat of a situation. If you don’t naturally out strafe opponents, watch pro players on twitch and see how they do it. All it takes is acknowledging how to weirdly out move an opponent to be able to start practicing it yourself. One of the best pro players known for staying alive in hectic situations is Pistola.

Different Strafes
You want to learn a good strafe that supports the way you shoot, which is key to getting consistent shots on the other team. Throwing in a crouch works very well in Halo reach and Halo 5 compared to other halos. The Four different types of strafes you can practice are:
Happy Feet - Quick left and right strafe.
  • Good for close range battles. Sometimes works against high sensitivity players and people who like to flick the last head shot.
  • If done too fast, can cause your spartan to seemingly stand still. Bad for mid and long-range battles.
Stop and Go - Moving one direction, stopping, and then continuing to move in that same direction to juke your opponent.
  • Your next step won’t be predictable. Good against a sniper that lines up shots for you to walk into. Can easily throw a crouch or jump in and repeat with slightly different movements.
Cons: when stopped, you’re an easy target for team shot or other angles to light you up. Know your positioning before you ever stand still.

Counter Jumping
  • Counter Jumping is jumping as soon as the enemy jumps to throw off his aim and help you line up your aim.
Cons: Once in the air, you cannot change direction.

Gandhi Hopping
  • Gandhi Hopping is repeatedly pressing crouch in the air to make your Spartans head bob up and down which can make your opponent miss accurate shots on the head. It also throws the hit box for head shots off just a little.
Each Range
Each range and scenario require a different strafe. The closer the range, the faster the strafe. The further the range, the more spaced out the strafe needs to be. Remember, do as many things as you can to make yourself a hard kill. Using objects isn’t a strafe but is a key to strafing before a fight even begins.

Wall Glitching
Wall glitching is the ability to use a wall so that your opponent can barely see your Spartan, but you can fully see them. To perform a wall glitch your weapon must be faced against a wall which will be on your right-hand side. Constantly run into the wall on your right and the movement will make your Spartan only be seen by your feet and a little bit of your side. By default, the Spartans head leans to the right so when you are up against that wall players cannot get the headshot while you can easily see them. Get your first advantage shots every time and if you can push, then push on your opponent to then finish the kill.

Teammate Advantage
The teammate advantage is just having more teammates backing you up during a situation when you engage in a battle than your opponent has teammates. A good quote was once said about this by a Multi-Halo Event Winner named Lunchbox who said, “A good player wins a 1v1, a great player avoids one.” This shows that top players play the game mostly to get opponents weak while staying alive themselves so that their overall team has the advantage to win each situation. To gain these advantages you just need to move around the map based on where your teammates are going, and you will pick up a lot of teammate advantage kills.

Knowing the Overall Team Advantages
Knowing if your team is at an advantage or disadvantage during the play will change how you must react to each situation. There are factors in game that you must track to know the current overall team advantage or disadvantage you are facing. These factors are simple things to track and they will tell you if you should be playing passively or aggressively in each play.

  1. Having more players alive than the other team.
  2. Putting more overall damage into the opposing team.
  3. Controlling more power weapons.
  4. Having map control.
Finishing your Advantages
When you’re at an advantage on an enemy making sure you finish the kill is very important to make sure your team can continue the play effectively. But sometimes a player has teammates help, or pushing that player could potentially put you at a disadvantage so in those situations you need to decide if you can push and finish the kill or if you should leave the player and help your other teammates. Note: Leaving a player to get there shields back works great to force spawns near that player.

Battle Rifle | Map Movement and Positioning Advantages
Having generally better map movement than other players will give you many of the advantages you will get on opponents in battle rifle fights. When moving around the map you want to focus on using surroundings to block off visibility of your body to make it hard for your opponents to shoot at you. Your goal should be to learn how to position yourself and how to move through each place on the map. You will understand how to win in each fight and how to stay alive in case you are losing the fight.

Get your movement and positioning down where you memorize the best ways to play each part of the map, you will see players will have a hard time winning battle against you. Another big advantage to have with map movement is moving in the direction where your teammates have the strongest presence on the map. This will get you easy kills and will allow you to push where they are creating the opportunity to push. When you learn all the map movement advantages you will really begin to control the map and dominate in every battle rifle fight you get into.

Map Moving Advantages
Map Advantages
A map advantage is about using the map to gain an advantage on your opponent when you get into a battle rifle fight. Learn to move around the map, moving along places that block visibility on you so that when you get into fights you can have the upper hand when an enemy is more exposed. Also, have more awareness than your enemy with your map movement by using walls and barely turning the corner to get the first shot advantage in each of your battles. When you become accustomed to all the map movement advantages you will really begin to control the map and dominate in every battle rifle fight you get into.

Having an Escape Route Advantage
When you move around the map you want to move to places where you can still escape the situation if something went wrong. This is why you need to learn the situations you are in so you know if you are at a disadvantage or at an advantage with a player so you can either use your escape route or pursue the kill. Use this advantage to catch players who are vulnerable off guard to get them weak to put more pressure on the opposing team.

Making Good Pushes Advantage
When you make pushes around the map make sure you are going where your teammates are mostly present at on the map. You will find that when you do push around your teammates you will find more opportunities to get more kills. The opportunity to push will always be coming from where your teammates are putting pressure on the map, so this will show you where you need to be moving on the map.

Position Advantages
Cover advantage
Always play with more cover than your opponent has in battles. Use walls and your surroundings to barely expose yourself to get you the extra advantages in battles of being the harder target. When your enemy has cover advantage, it is smart to back down, make them come to you or move on from the area. A way to force them out from their cover is to throw a quick grenade so that you can still kill them.

Angle Advantage
When you move around the map getting good angles so that you can get shots on enemy players without them shooting back at you. This is the key to putting more damage into the opposing team and it’s all about always getting into those good angles and hitting your long-range shots.

Getting an angle on the Hill, Flag, Power up, or power weapon will always give you an advantage. Finding grenade angles in custom games, using the most traveled routes for flag or hill, will make you more comfortable in situations where the enemy has an advantage.

Height Advantage
Getting to higher positions on the map and controlling them is important to giving your team full map control. When you are at the highest positions you will have the best angles to put shots into players trying to freely move around the map. Looking down on an opponent also allows you to have a much better angle in an individual battle because you’re looking down on their head while they are shooting upwards at your face. Whichever team holds height advantage on the map usually always has map control.

Everything we wrote about 10 years ago still applies to all halos Today! You can get the rest of weapon training free on the site.
The plan is to make videos for each topic and hopefully grow into THE ULTIMATE COMPETITIVE GUIDE TO HALO. I need your help, so if you spot anything off please let me know.