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When will the 2019 season start?

OP TheSmokinGunmen

Hey guys!
I am a long time Halo fan and I have some local tourney wins under my belt from a few years ago. I just recently bought a new Xbox one S to get back into Halo just in the case that Infinite releases this year. I am currently going through all campaign missions on legendary (again lol) on MCC and Halo 5 to get my skill back up.

My main question is when will the new season for 2019 start? Is it just going to be Grassroots (MCC Games) or will Halo 5 return to HCS? Just wanting to make sure I can get some practice in before jumping back into the competitive scene.
And any advice is welcome!

Thank you all!!
I'm pretty sure the HCS 2019 "season" started with the H3 2v2 at Dreamhack Atlanta.