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will there ever be a CE doubles or 4v4 tournament?

OP Hot Chili Fries

Like many others I was lucky enough to play Halo CE when it first came out and got to experience Halo multiplayer in it's purest form by having anyone and everyone come to your house with his/her TV and an xbox to have lan parties. Back then I was still pretty young so the idea of playing Halo as a sweaty competitive player never really came to me until later on. Only recently have I actually began to play Halo CE competitively on MCC. I'm only lvl 13 so far but still get matched with some crazy good people on occasion and there's been some very good matches that ended only five kills apart. So I'm curious if anyone has any information on whether 2019 will introduce full fledged Halo CE tournaments the way they did with Halo 5 and Halo 3. I really think it would be a blast to watch pros play this game with high stakes and prizes.