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Halo Nightfall not working!? It's installed tho!?


I have Nightfall installed on the Xbox One with the Halo Channel, Halo MCC and Halo 5. I was looking forward to getting the ODST reward that comes with watching Nightfall, but when I tried watching Nightfall on the Halo Channel, it says "Buy Nightfall" even though I have it installed. What's funny is that both myself and my Brother's account is on the Xbox and his account can watch nightfall and get the rewards for it while I'm stuck trying to figure out how I can get my account to work! Someone please help! I really want the ODST Armor!!
Hey OP, Nightfall is content that falls under a single license. I'm guessing the code for it was originally redeemed under your brothers account? If that's correct then you would need to purchase Nightfall under your own account in order to watch it. The Xbox OS can sometimes be a bit strange about content like this, so you might need to uninstall it, buy it it on your account and reinstall it again. Sometimes it won't let you buy content if it's already installed, even though it's linked to another user account active on the same Xbox