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I redeemed the code for Nightfall and installed it but every time I open the Halo channel it says that I have to buy it. Any suggestions?
I've gone through support with Microsoft and I've been directed here. Any help? It's the same ol' "Buy Nightfall" and I bought it on the store. Some help would be great
Halo channel says "buy Nightfall" and i already own it. I only want the nightfall armor :( Lord Guilty spark what can i do.
xEletrixx wrote:
I own Nightfall by the MCC and it won't let me watch Nightfall but it will say Buy Nightfall and Ive also tried the Game share stratagy but it wont budge so can I please have a code or something by Xbox live @. FOPG STARFIRE
I quoted you so you will easily see that somebody (me, Lord Guilty Spark for some people( DC Forerunner)lol) answered you. just see one or two messages up.
Plz fix the halo night fall I already have nightfall but still says to buy halo night fall plz fix it
Hello i still dont get any nightfall rewards. Can you help me please.
So i just now got back to playing Halo 5 but that is not the problem i'm trying to get the reward for watching nightfall but i won't get anything! to this point i watched it 4 times with all the second storys ... so why the f**k is this s**t so broken ... i just want the damn armor ffs -_- any help please (and pleas excuse my English)
Hello. I have seen halo nightfall completely, but do not get the reward for master chief collection.
BKL3 wrote:
I just entered a code and it says BUY NIGHTFALL
I just want the stuff man
please tell me your country and nationality. It your not american in the US you can have issues.
I fixed it. Live in US btw
How did you fix it? I'm also in the US and I have the same problem
Issues here: in the US, and I have access to Halo Nightfall on the Halo Channel, but every time I try to watch it in either the Windows 10 app or my Android app I get a message saying "Sorry about that. The content you selected can't be played at this time. Please retry or select something else from the Guide." HALP.
Whenever I try to play halo nightfall (the code has been redeemed and itf says play) it will start for about two seconds, and then pop up with the error "That's not right". I've tried switching HDMI cables and uninstalling and reinstalling and nothing works, would appreciate any help on this.
Thank you for your detailed reports! We’ve detected an issue that prevents some users from viewing Halo: Nightfall on the Halo Channel and we're currently investigating the matter.

If you are experiencing this issue, please stay tuned to this thread. We'll continue to provide more information as it becomes available.

We apologize for the inconvenience.

6.28.2016 Update
We have been investigating everything here and have identified an issue with a specific pool of 5x5 redemption codes. If you continue to see “Buy Nightfall” and you purchased Nightfall via another method, please report your issue in the Halo Channel Support Forum. For those who did redeem a 5x5 code, we are actively pursuing a course of action to verify those redemptions.
I've rented Nightfall via the Xbox store, which the Halo Channel App took me to, I've just watched it all via the TV and Films app I was instructed to download, watched it all in one sitting and went to equip the armour on Halo 5: Guardians and nothing at all. No requisition pack, no new armour or helmets in my collection under the name "Nightfall". Please help!
i redeemed the halo nightfall code came with the master chief collection. i can watch the series from halo channel app but they are playing in Spanish. language is set to English and that's the only language option i get. selecting it again or changing the subtitle language doesn't fix it. the video keep playing in Spanish. tried playing some other random videos and they all played in English. how to fix this ?
None of the nightfall videos ever worked for me ever. Not when it came out, not now, not ever. I own Halo 5 and Halo Nightfall but When I go to watch Nightfall on the Halo Channel, no matter what device I use it does not work. Not my phone, not my tablet, not my xbox, not even my friends phone or xbox.. I tried smooth streaming, that never worked. I just want the armor man... And this still doesn't work?
I bought Halo 5 Digital Deluxe over a year ago. I have not been able to watch Halo Nightfall and would sincerely love to watch it. I bought Halo 5 digitally and I am currently trying to watch Nightfall via an Android through the Halo Waypoint app.
i just brought halo nightfall through xbox store,now when i go to watch it on halo Channel it tells me to buy halo nightfall,does anyone know how to fix this or did i just waste my money on something i cant even watch plus miss out on the armor.
mine says buy nightfal and i bought it please help i want my armour
Hello I have recently purchased halo nightfall through the Xbox live marketplace and I keep getting the same page that seemingly everyone else is getting. The "buy halo nightfall page" even though I've purchased it already (NOT with a 25 digit code from MCC.) Admins any ideas?
I got the helmet but didn't get the armor
<p>I got the helmet but didn't get the armor </p>
My son is autistic and I need to know for the free nightfall armor on the halo channel. Do you buy the $14.99 one or is it the 5 free episodes. My son gets frustrated and won't watch the free ones bc each episode has more than 1 part. I thought maybe I could do it while he's at school and surprise him.
Any advice greatly appreciated
Is it still available
Hello, I have a problem to acquire my reward after seeing episodes HALO NIGHTFALL, and I've already seen it and bought it , I request your help please , thanks.
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