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[Locked] 105th ODST Division

OP Rybo 100

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105th ODST Division


Are you looking for an ODST clan? Well you have found one, we are the 105th Division, an ODST based clan. If you enjoy playing with big teams of friends, going into custom games to mess around, forge fantastic works of art, or use multi media skills to spread the word of your antics, we have everything you need.

-Day to Day Life

We have so very much to offer you here in the 105th. Here are a couple things you can look forward to if you enlist in the 105th.

Our Own Website: We own and operate our very own website that comes with everything you could possibly want and need.
-Forums- Complete with role playing topics such as “Our Story” and “Star Wars RPG”, Admin Assistance, Polls, Suggestions, Website Games, Halo Discussion, and other Platform topics.
-Ribbons- We have ribbons to show off your achievements while in the clan such as, forum post count, Time in clan, number of recruits, Incredible feats, dedication to the clan, Rank in the clan, achievements on halo, and many more to earn.
-Member of the Month- Loyal and active members receive this prestigious award. It is one more thing you can show off to your friends.
-Solid Ranking System- We have many ranks starting from Recruit, all the way to Colonel, the official ODST ranking system. The ranks all have emblems and classifications, along with units, including 105th Division ODST, NCO, Officer, and High Command.

Promotions: As stated above we have a rock solid ranking system and roster.
-The Ranks- Lowest to Highest; Recruit, Private, Private 1st Class, Lance Corporal, Corporal, Sergeant, Staff Sergeant, Gunnery Sergeant, Master Sergeant, Sergeant Major, Warrant Officer, 2nd Lieutenant, 1st Lieutenant, Captain, Major, Lieutenant Colonel, Colonel
-Units- There are units for each group of ranks. Starting with 105th Division ODST for ranks Private - Corporal, NCO for ranks Sergeant - Master Sergeant, Officer for ranks 2nd Lieutenant - Captain, and High Comm for ranks Major - Colonel
-Leaders- Each Company will have 2 leaders, a Commanding Officer (CO), and an Executive Officer (XO). Each Platoon has 2 leaders, a CO and XO. The Squads each have 2 leaders, CO and XO. And 5 members of High Comm.
-Advancing- You are promoted based on YOUR activity on our website and in game, not one or the other. Recruiting members, Hosting community nights, Welcoming new members into the clan, consistently playing with clan members, and contributing to the community forums.

In Game: We have many fun things to do not just on the website, but in all of your favorite games as well, but we are a Halo: Reach based clan, so we'll mostly be on there.
-Community Nights- Every weekend we have a unique community night where we all get together and go crazy on custom maps, forgeing, and just messin around
-Matchmaking- We more ofteh than not will group up and play matchmaking in large teams, usually 3+ members. We play everything from Anniversary Squad to Zombies
-Tournments- Some times we have in clan tournments for certain Ribbons and other prizes. They always end up being loads of fun and we all learn new things about each other.
-Clan Battles- Many clans want a piece of the 105th Division, and we often get challenged to clan battles. Some are impromptu, some are planned, either way we're always up for a fight.
-Multi Platform Gaming- We all like variety, some more than others, so many of our members play other games on other systems. Just ask around and you're sure to get a response
-Achievement Help- All of our members are lookin to finish up their achievement lists. We're always ready and willing to help you get em done. Feel free to ask around and you'll always find someone who wants to help get those tricky ones out of the way.


To become a member of the 105th Division ODST’s all you need to do is contact a current member. That member will help you through this QUICK process

Registration: Our website has an easy Registration process that only takes moments. Once registered an administrator will have to Activate your account.
Boot Camp: Once you have filled out the enlistment prefix, one of our Drill Instructors will get a hold of you and figure out when you are available to be run through boot camp.

-Our Links

There are many places to find the 105th Division on the Interwebz. Here are the links to these awesome places

105th Division Website
Bungie Page
Facebook Group
Twitter Home
105th YouTube Channel

Hope to see you all very soon. Message me if you have any questions.

Colonel Rybo,
105th Division Commanding Officer
Wanna learn how to get more members? Don't make people do a bootcamp because unless you are an mlg player or you play mlg playlist frequently call outs are pretty much useless, plus what's the point of learning halo reach call outs when halo 4 is right around the corner?
Eh you know you have to tell the truth when doing these recruitment things. See I do believe that we are all going to play halo reach until halo 4 comes out. Learning call outs will prepare you for learning call outs for halo 4 because you will have been used to the concept. Now the boot camp part is part of a 'are you willing to do something clan related'. It is to see who are actually serious about joining a clan. I mean if we accepted every member we pass by, what would we be? We would not be a serious clan but a clan like KSI, I'd rather not follow their path. But hey thank you for your concerns, and for the bump :D.
hey everyone this is an ahmazing clan i recently left do to my own choices but everyone in this clan is great people and friendly i think any one looking for a clan should join them
I would just like to say that call-outs are far from useless. Yes MLG players use call-outs, big deal. If you like playing halo you like to win. Why would you buy a game to lose? Anyways, i have been with this clan for numerous of years and i have had plenty of great memories with this clan and you guys can to!

So we hope to see you join up with us, and enjoy the rest of Halo: Reach or come enjoy Halo 4 with a whole lot of friends.

-Major Devon
By the way we just got a clan match set-up so we would love to throw in some new recruits in there!
105th vs 251st in a friendly clan battle?
Wanna do a clan battle with the Legendary Fallen Spartans
Sweet I will talk to you both on live. I will probably have Devon talk to Harry and EYE3X hit me up with a friend request on live so we can talk about it.
Sweet I will talk to you both on live. I will probably have Devon talk to Harry and EYE3X hit me up with a friend request on live so we can talk about it.
Oh you know Harry, how great, see ya then! :)
So now we have 3 clan battles xD.
It goes from a recruitment post to a clan battle scheduling post. Gotta love it
It goes from a recruitment post to a clan battle scheduling post. Gotta love it
Lol yes sir! Gotta love forums
It goes from a recruitment post to a clan battle scheduling post. Gotta love it
Lol yes sir! Gotta love forums
If you say so.
We got couple of recruits off of the forums so thanks guys!
i would like to join if you would have me
Hey sorry about that, I just got on Halo Waypoint for the first time this weekend. But I am going to send you a friend request and get you all set up. Thanks for joining!
Hey Rybo, glad for the reply on my post and the clan looks promising to me, notice now though that I am intending on starting my Halo playing on 4, I have no other games. I would assume that you guys are heading there, and I have filled out an application on the enjin website, but I just want to make sure before we commit to me joining, thanks
That is perfectly fine, I have accepted your application. You now have unrestricted access to the website. Oh and yes we will be moving to halo 4, just wanted to say that if anyone needed to know(later on down the road). But when you make an Xbox live account, if you do not already have one, hit me up with a friend request. If you ever need anything don't hesitate to ask, I am here to help. For now you can just mess around on the forums and have a good time. Hey thank you for joining, I hope we make your new halo experience a great one!
Interesting that you dont have any other halo. But as Rybo said i hope we make your experience a good one!
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