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2 Platinum or Diamond players wanted

OP WarMachine3737

If you can play most evenings and want to work up to High Diamond, Onyx and Champ levels add me and my teammate Warmachine3737 or StaunchBeast713 and send us a message. We want to achieve and we are looking for players that have mics and can practice regularly for a few hours a day or more at the weekend.
Hey, I haven't played Halo 5 recently much at all, and still dont, however I am in Plat right now just right after I finished my placement matches. When I played Halo 5 when it came out for the first few seasons I was Onyx in every playlist. I'll play with you if you're on and I dont have anyone on to run Reach Hardcore. Feel free to add me, I should have no problem helping you guys get to Onyx, plus one of the main guys I play with is Champion 9 in FFA and I usually play with him in Halo 5 so hed help too.
Yeah definitely that sounds amazing I’ll add you now. Feel free to message me we are on Facebook messenger too. Thanks, look forward to getting a few games with you
What's up bro? I'm down. I came off a break from the game and it's been a hard come back man. The games really hard to enjoy as a solo player. My skill fluctuates a lot cause of how inconsistent I play, but if I play regularly I improve a lot.

Also, if you guys practice in a small octagon map in custom games I'm totally down! I think that's the missing ingredient for me. I used to practice a lot back when this game was fresh.
Im a Platnum 5, do you want me to join? Gamertag:Zanergetic Clay
do you mostly play ranked
Anyone here feel free to add me.

GT is Ahaloaskewed

Cali, pst. I like playing slayer and arena when I have a friend or 2. Otherwise I just play quick play for warming up.