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Achilles Armor Unlock! Join SLOTH today

OP macMasta

We are already trending towards completing several commendations with only 6 members. We are looking for active Spartans to help accelerate our progress. There is no rank or skill requirement however the current members are all seasoned Halo vets who love to play competitive arena and warzone. All we ask is that you..
  • Play Nice
  • Be Active
  • Spread the word so we can reach 100 members
I will me monitoring the company to make sure everyone is active so please message me if you know you won't be active for an extended period of time.

Click below and please send a request to join.

Just joined sloth and can already tell these guys are in it for Achilles. Please join and help the cause. Lets get it!
Added 4 members yesterday. Stats will be pouring in this weekend. Join up!
We are still looking for active members. Check out the commendation progress from Antyks and I alone. We can get this done fast with more members... join up!
Potential Recruits,

Anybody looking to join a good community should look this way. SLOTH is a good place to go if you're looking to achieve some commendations, but its also home to some good players and greater people.

Join today!

- Muff1n
We we have added 5 members since Thursday. Take a look at our progression and join up today!