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Achilles helmet

OP rjSully5

I’m returning to halo 5 after a long hiatus only to see my entire clan is also inactive. I’m looking to join an active clan still grinding for the Achilles helmet. gt is rjsully5. I’m able to play about 8-10 hours a week. Thanks.
I have just the thing my old clan kicked me out so someone else to get the helmet so now i maid my own clan you should join me and my friends will do most of the grinding we just need a little more support thanks:)
Check out the company i'm in. They'll probably check for inactive players if they like your application
I invite you ALL to join Unrelenting... we just cleared about 15 inactive people/members that didn't get 300 kills in one weeks time. We began our quest in march of this year I think. stop in have a look. if its something you find interesting leave your current companies and apply. -PTSI93-
we are close to getting the helmet look up reddit achilles. no need for discord.
My spartan company is near to get the achilles helmet,join us