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Active company seeks more UK and European players


Our company is primarily US, but we are fortunate to have a number of great UK, Bulgarian, and South African members.
We have been active for over a year and a half and have full parties nightly and on weekends and want to keep that going.

We would like to invite players who are active but may be in companies that are small or dying to join us.

Our competitive Warzone and Assault crew is extremely active, but we have guys who focus on arena as well.
Casual players are welcome as well. And if you want to improve your game, we will work with you.

The most important criteria is you not be a jerk. We are active, probably one of the most active companies in halo, because we like each other and get along.

Our UK get together
Moose Smash
(two fun videos from last weekend)

If interested, message me.

I try to check this twice a day.


Suit Up

Note: we already have Achilles but have started a small company (40) to get the armor for our guys who didn't get it. You're welcome to join that.
I'm interesting... Invite me bro

We have about eight guys on right now if you log on. Be sure to friend us.

It's a great community, there's almost always a party on, no matter the time of day.
It's always nice having Brits to play with. The Americans are alright I suppose, but it's better having people who speak the same language as me! 😂😂😂😂😂
Yes great group of guys here, always have a laugh. And skill is never an issue, they have all levels. And are more than happy to help improve your game.
it would be nice if more Uk players joined sd2 we're a friendly bunch of old folks who enjoy playing halo together
Just wanted to remind folks Suit Up was still looking for some active European players and in Africa as well to join an already active crew.

Message leadership if interested.