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Anyone looking to join a gaming community?


Anyone whom is interested in joining a friendly fun gaming community that plays for fun send me a message on Xbox I'll give more insight on the community of you have any questions or concerns. My GT is DMR BiZARRE
I'm interested in coop.
Ill just say tucker did it

For all seeking a Spartan company that actually supports its members and not just use them as a number count. Consider joining Ancient Phoenix as we are a group of a old clan that started in Halo 3 2007.

The Spartan company has a YouTube channel called Skull ink network as its a gaming community and it supports all players of Halo.We are an Australian and New Zealand Spartan company but we are seeking players that are in different countries that can start up groups at different times.

If anyone is interested contact me on Xbox or Halo waypoint.
Ps if you request to join and dont get in straight away dont worry it means I haven't loged in yet.

Till then see you all on the virtual battlefield.
I'm always open for new teammates :)
Just add me :)