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AWI clan recruiting - A Worthwhile Investment

OP AWI Golgari

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So yeah, I've been in a couple of clans before, and it was the same experience, no communication amd basically if you needed something, you never knew who to talk to. Then I joined AWI because it seemed like a good option. I'm glad I wasn't wrong! We play halo 4 and reach, and we're expanding to xbox one and its master chief collection. You play other games as well? We're open to discuss new games as well! Our clan has been growing in the past months and we want to keep growing! Please contact me @johzwe, reply to the thread, or even contact any of my peers from the previous mrssages, we'll get back to you ASAP.
Hello there guys, in order to keep the clan strong I am cutting some weeds and doing some slight pruning. :-P

We are in need of some fresh blood, motivated, hard-working people please, we are trying to branch out on the One. We need people who are willing to really help us launch our clan presence on the Xbox One, we have about 3-5 members on the One. Cool people that want management positions or just to feel valued and trusted, please do apply.

Likewise if you just have the 360, crazy, funny, cool and dedicated people wanted, cannot stress dedicated enough, not decimated, or dessicated.. we want a strongly woven family. I do NOT really sign in on this website, I just read the posts or accept friends request/reply via XBL messages etc

Please message me on SKYPE: Surrealfreerun

Or message me via XBL: AWI Your Fear
Greetings guys we seem to be having a lot of popularity with our 343 forum clan recruitment post

We encourage those thinking of joining to read this in order to decide if AWI is the clan for you.

Many thanks, AWI METAL MEW 2
yes i agree recruits are already piling in and that one could be you,i highly encourage AWI
Hello everyone, I'm new to the forums here, but I'm AWI CodePhoenix, currently ranked Corporal, and had been a member of AWI for almost 5 months now.
I'm going to let you guys know my adventure so far in the clan. I was recruited by "Metal Mew 2", and didn't know what to expect, but wasn't in one so why not. I was told of the "we chat app" where we mainly communicate between multiple members in the clan. I met clan leader "Your Fear", and many awesome members who almost all plays halo. What I think is truly amazing in this clan, is that I feel like I have a sense of purpose here, a sort of family, and have people I know in AWI, to play halo with almost anytime. You get to voice your opinions, about the clan, and possibly take actions of ideas you may have to help improve the clan. We may argue time to time, but not often we do, and when we do, we get through it together. If your looking for a clan to join, your at the right place. We have both Xbox 360 and Xbox ONE members. You can contact me through any of them, and we could join a party chat and discuss the joining process if your interested, and possibly play a game while discussing it. I'm not the only member in here, so if there's anyone you would want to contact instead, I can forward you to them. You can also reply below if your interested, and someone will contact you soon.
Thank you Code, Yes we are indeed still recruiting as an INTERNATIONAL clan both for 360 and ONE, but with more players on 360, so looking to expand the ONE members more but also the 360's. Of course the ONE's have MCC and others have Reach, 4, ODST, Halo CE anniversary, Halo Wars, Halo 2/3 Etc.. We play many other games too.

Please hit me up or any of the following gamertags:

AWI Metal Mew 2 (Joint clan leader), PaRTyRocK NLW, AWI redneck, AWI CodePhoenix, AWI Elite, AWI Sc0pedSnipa, AWI 7PlyJoyRide, AWI The Legend, CyberKiller1223, Disciple286, beccanectar808

We will recruit via party chat only, no spamming messages back on forth, that means you will require a mic or at least a skype account .With the intent to buy a mic once joined up.
Yo! AWI Toasty here, and I just wanted to say that IF you are looking for a clan/gaming community that wants and will value your opinion of things, IF you are looking for a clan/gaming community that will give you freedom, IF you are looking for a clan/gaming community that WANTS you. Come and Join AWI. It is a very social and friendly group of family. From the outside we appear as a bunch of friends, but once you join and invest your time with us you will clearly see how close our bond is with each other. From taking/receiving trash talk, advises, and a structure that's highly fair? What's not to like about that? I've been apart of this clan/gaming community for about 1 and a half years, and I do not regret that decision. It is truly (A) (W)orthwhile (I)nvestment. If you like to join and just don't know how, shoot me a message on XBL. I can be found on the 360 with the GT of AWI Toasty. Thanks for reading! Hope to see you on Live!

-AWI Toasty
We are planning on combining our Halo Reach and Halo 4 squads.

Anyone reading this who qualifies with both of these games and an interest in starting a squad or actively playing both competitively for clan battles and at least ONE casually when recruiting Message me directly here or add my GT

Everyone else please continue to apply through this forum, Thank you for your time.
Im interested in Joining, I'm on Xbox One, my GT is MoldyHersheyBar, I messaged AWI Your Fear but I guess this is the best way to get give y'all a notice
@Hershey, I sent you a friends request dude,

AWI is still alive and kicking, we have gone through another refresh stage where we say a polite farewell to some troopers, but of course always friends. Also we have welcomed some new members, promoted some very hard working members, new and old alike.

One thing I must stress is we are looking for dedicated members to join us. High ranks will be given to those who earn our trust. We try not to be serious and as a Clan Leader I have made it my duty to be a clan where the higher up's are ASKING not TELLING people what to do. That is something we strive for.

If you are smart, and focused, then there are not many orders besides recruiting, playing games, and feeling like family.
We have a phone app that we use to stay in contact, plan matches and laugh, we have our facebooks, our website and we have each other.

Step forward and post here if you want to be welcomed into our group, subject to a party chat or skype interview.. Yes we recruit for both Xbox One and 360 for all Halo games, we even recruit for other games too, and support our members making new squads for any games they wish.

Sayanora for now.
Hello, sir.

I'd love to work to be able to come a member of AWI. I'm a dedicated player attempting to look for a group of people to play and grow with. I'm a veteran on Clan politics having been a part time lead of another clan (OiA- a semi-pro team who won a never of small tourneys) back in my COD days.

Please message me in-game or on this site. My tag is ClassierBrush (just like my name). I would love to meet yall and work with yall to see if I fit in.

Thank you so much!!

P.S. I have a mic (that's not a Kinect mic).
Interested in joining, GT is Dread0124 I like pretty much every game the to include war zone so I'll play whatever, y'all can message me In game or shoot me a party invite at any time
Hey, are you guys on Xbox One or 360?
Hey Guys AWI Toasty here! If anyone is still interested to join the AWI Family or have any questions shoot me msg on Live. I only play the 360.
Hey I recently graduated from college and am looking for people to play Halo with, since most of my friends don't play video-games, and the ones that do spend most of their time on the PC. I recently got an XBOX ONE and have the Master Chief Collection and Reach. I like to communicate and play as part of a team, but I try and keep things lighthearted and fun. I have a headset arriving in the mail tomorrow, and would love a chance to use it. I'm in the US Eastern Time Zone, but am close to Central as well (live in Michigan). I've never been in a clan before, so I'm not sure what membership would entail other than playing together.
In any case, I'd love to try the 'trial membership.' Who should I contact, and how do I go about doing that? My XBOX username is HIIN ENKELT3 and my email is
Is this clan/community still active or even a thing anymore? Because reading some of the posts got me interested but I can only commit to something that has a decent level of both activity and size.
Definitely interested GT: MugfaceTGE
Love driving in warzone and fav gametype is swat.
@awi Hey sounds like a great clan. Mind if I have a trial? Gt is xSGCx Future. You
@ S future and mugfaceTGE, our apologies for not getting back to you, it has been tough lately but that aside as a Co founder lacking a xbox one I'm proud to have finally gone and "invested" 250 dollars. So I can personally bring us to H5 and supervise new members during trials with AWI, maintain a clan tag etc. If any returning or newcomer reading this is considering joining msg me. GT "AWI Metal Mew 2"
Hey my Gamer tag is DemonicFireWolf, and I was wanting to join AWI, hit me up with a message and we can hit it off (with nothing but positivity!!)
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