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Battlegroup Valkyrie

OP ODST Bosche

"Out from the shadows..." - The Arbiter to Spartan Locke

Battlegroup Valkyrie is back and is looking for members now more than ever.

Do you have what it takes to join Johnson's Corps, have you the ability to become an ODST, have you the heart of a Spartan, or the calling of leadership? All members start in the Corp and earn their positions as they demonstrate competency. In BGV there are no hand outs and all members are expected to follow the unit policy.


The Battlegroup Valkyrie Marines are the heart of the unit and for others but a stepping stone. Join the Marines and experience tactical raids against other units, large scale events that may take several lobbies, and leadership opportunities not available elsewhere. The Corps currently presents several career options including the engineer corps, the force recon element, and the ODSTs.

--- Commanding Officer ODST Wend
--- Executive Officer Arthur R 079 II
--- Sergeant Major
--- Operations Sergeant


The Spartan Program is another viable asset of BGV with Spartan Operations tasked through the Spartan IVs available periodically within the unit. The SIVs undergo at least three months of training and are tasked wherever the unit may need them. The training is vigorous but rewarding.

--- Commanding Officer
--- Operations Officer
--- Training Officer


The competitive team for BGV is composed of the best and brightest of all outfits of service and competes against all rival clans. The competitive section is under the direct control of the Commanding Officer of BGV and does not reflect a constant branch of service within the clan, rather a collateral.

Join today, contact a recruiter near you!

--- Recruitment Officer ODST Wend
--- Recruitment Officer ODST Norman
---Recruitment Officer McKay SIII A256
I am interested in BGV. I am a pretty casual player as I work and go to school. Just recently got H5 but I played 3, reach, 4, and mcc
Message ODST Norman via Xbox Messaging or Preacher #9842 on discord.
would it be possible to run with your ODST class and Spartan class to get a refresher on my prior training
With time and dedication into the group anything is possible. We cannot pass out any handouts but if you earn a title, no one will question your ability nor authority.