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BTA recruiting!

OP Cstriker01

looking to join a company that takes team work to a new level? BTA is for you!
the Spartan company BTA is recruiting!
*We have the armor already. If you join now you will only be able to obtain the helmet*
Quest for Achilles and to have fun!
Armor: 31/31, Obtained 3/3/2018
Helmet: 8/31
11 premium spot available, come grind with us and earn your Achilles helmet! In order for us to consider you, please answer the following when requesting to join:
1. What is your SR and highest CSR obtained?
2. How many hours a week on average do you play Halo 5?
3. How much overall Halo experience do you have?
4. Do you prefer Arena or Warzone?
5. What's your age?
6. In a brief summary, please explain why you think BTA should accept you.
Generic requests will be rejected.
Must be active and contribute in matchmaking, that's where we get our stats. Must be at least 18 years old to be considered. If you go inactive for more than 2 weeks, you will be discharged. If you've been discharged, you can still ask to re-join after a consideration period, but it will take some time.Be sure to keep an eye for messages on Waypoint and Xbox Live regarding our contest challenges. Sweet prizes include Req Packs, Xbox Live gift cards and more!
PM me if you are interested and i will get you hooked up with our awesome company!