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But Flesh and Faith is looking for active members!


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We are not an undead empire nor an order of revenants. We are immortal!
Our strength is the enduring conviction we have in our flesh and our faith: That honor is based on loyalty to your clan, your family, and the expansion of our covenant.
You may call us Heretics, but we now see the truth! We have listened through rock and metal and time to your delusion. You will be silenced. The Great Journey is a beautiful lie and the rings will not provide you salvation to a doomed existence. There is no afterlife!
If you will not hear the truth, then we will show it to you.
We are a monument to all your sins!Rules:
1) You must play Halo 5 within a 21 day period. Custom games do not count. This requirement will shrink moving forward.
2) Don't have thin skin. Try to have fun, and know when to get serious in games.
3) Highly encouraged to join our Discord server.Mixer Channel:

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    If you are looking for a company, look no further. We are normally 98% or higher capacity but if you request to join, you may get a spot.
    If we are full, look for The More Deluded, our second company. We WILL go into Halo Infinite with 200 Spartans strong.
    Look forward to meeting you!
    We are at 99% capacity. If you are thinking about joining, put in your request to get into the queue or request to join the More Deluded.
    The More Deluded is now at 32 members since earlier this week! Combined, we are at 132 members, with over 20 members active at any given time. If you want a company that is lax, decent at the game, and just likes to have fun, look us up!
    This is my sister company. We will be working hand in hand as we go forward to Infinite! Join The More Deluded to claim you spot in a 200 member group!
    But Flesh and Faith will have one position open tomorrow. Meanwhile, our sister company, The More deluded is nearly half full. If you want a chill group to play with, look us up.

    The new play requirement for BFAF is at least one game every 7 days, and TMD is at least one game every 21 days.
    Look forward to playing with you!
    We will now be enforcing a 7 day play policy, meaning, you must play at least one game of Halo 5 within a 7 day period.
    We had to reduce our ranks by 25 members but quickly filled some members from The More Deluded. There are still some spots left in BFAF, and we have almost an entire company left to fill in the more deluded. Claim your spot before it is too late.
    We are at 99 members currently, which will fluctuate as members stagnate. If you want to be a part of our community, request to join either But Flesh and Faith, or The More Deluded. We have a combined discord server with appropriate roles and a lot more! I can't wait to go into Halo Infinite with 200 active members.

    We look forward to gaming with you!
    We have 2 spots open if you are interested.
    We now have 4 spots open. If you think you can maintain a weekly playtime of 12 minutes in a 7 day period, look us up. We play regularly and don't have very many rules. We just want to have fun and play halo.
    There are now 6 slots open on the team! Remember, you must play at least one time in a 7-day period or you will be discharged.
    If you are looking for an active company, this is the one for you. I remove anyone who cannot fulfill their playtime obligation. Our policy is that you play at least once weekly. The More Deluded is once monthly until it grows to 50% capacity.
    We are 90% ish to getting the Achilles Helmet. Not that we are looking for people to join and leave just for the armor set, but it would be an additional perk to joining!
    Love this clan! Worth it to join. Great people and better activity.
    Imma be honest, this spartan company is amazing. I love all of the people in here and we are a very tight knit community. it is so much fun to play with all of you.
    I had to let go of about 10 people in the last couple of weeks because they were playing weekly. If you are looking for a company that is active, this is the one. I run a stagnation report daily to make sure members are playing. Otherwise, why join a company at all?
    Correction: Because they were not playing weekly.
    We have approximately 10 spots open due to some of our members stagnating. If you are looking for an active company with laid back rules, look us up and join our discord server (it is on our company bio).
    As Halo 5 is slowing down and MCC is getting a lot more attention, we may consider changing our playtime requirement from 1 week to 2 weeks. This is still being debated, but in the meantime, a pause is being implemented on all discharges.
    Our retention rates have never been better. We cannot wait until Halo Infinite beta arrives. Lock down your spot while you can!
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