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OP HeartSpiritMind

Was wondering if anyone would like to play the Halo 5: Guardians campaign with me? I have beaten all the Halo games solo on heroic. With Halo 5, the emphasis on A.I. squadmates hinders my ability to survive on higher difficulties and my enjoyment of the experience itself. My gamertag is: HeartSpiritMind. I would also be open to playing through the Master chief collection campaigns or Warzone multiplayer if anyone's down?
You may want to also try the Recruiting forums here.
I'm down add me xxlostxlegacyxx
I have never played any Halo game all the way through with the exception of 3. I would love to have a player to co-op every game with. I am probably terrible but I am definitely willing to play on Heroic or whatever the hardest difficulty is. Gamertag: Shauntonbomb
I love playing co-op, add me MrLarsonLisper
If you ever want to try to play Halo 2 Legendary, then you could try to do it with me, I've already beaten it on legendary.
I'm sorry to everyone I asked to play co-op/multiplayer with me. I thought I turned on e-mail notifications in settings and I just assumed when I didn't get any e-mail's that my message got lost in the myriad of other discussions/topics in the forums. I forgot to click save in my settings when it came to e-mail notifications, so that explains why I never received anything related to my message. Sorry again everyone.