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Chaos is Now Recruiting!!!

OP Dreadknight117

We are looking for new and veteran players that like to casually play just about anything. We set up times here and there for Customs night, Skirmishes between members, and even play puzzle maps. If your looking for something serious and competitive? There are quite a few members and even my self who like to demolish the other team on most game types such as Social playlists, Ranked, BTB, and Warzone.

If you are interested in joining the company please message one of the following Gamertags.

sportykid 2
Ulf Rik Munr
or myself Dreadknight117

Here is a link to the company page.

We also have a discord server in which you will need to join to communicate with us.
This link will take you to our intro/social server where you can meet some of the members.

After a while you will be invited to the main server.

Things to Know:
1.No filtering. (Swearing, Smack talking, etc...)
You are required to join discord. (It's free and simple. Also, there's an app for that)
We like to see our members staying active by playing with other members at least a couple of times a week and keep up with communication. (Also, let us know if you will be gone for a while. We understand there are some things you can't control and that we all have lives other than Halo.)
Sorry this is a continuation from the OP. (apparently a TAB and SPACE mean submit on here......)


If you feel like your not that hot at Halo or want to improve your game, we have a couple of members who are great at teaching map control, map movement, callouts, and much more.

So again, if your interested feel free to message any or all of those gamer tags and one of us will be in contact ASAP.


"Coming together is the beginning. Staying together is progress. Working together is success."