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Clan looking for Raids and/or Alliances

OP Scruffy The Fox

Hello, this is Scruffy - GT "Scruffy The Fox"
My clan "Omega" is looking for other clans to host raids with.
We are also looking for alliances if you are into that.
Alliances are mainly two clans supporting each other in raids, training and social interaction between players.

I'm sure most people here know what a raid is between two clans, but i'll explain just in case.
-Raids are between two clans, usually pitting the defenders against the attackers.
The game-type is set to FFA so everyone spawns in a set location.
The raid is over when the raiders take and hold the defenders location.-

If you are interested in setting up a raid/alliance with our clan Omega, feel free to message me.
- GT "Scruffy The Fox"
Or in the comments below/pm.