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Company Freelancer Recruiting (Casual/Competitive)

OP Jimmbabwe

We're Back

Company Freelancer, Originated as a dominate clan back in Halo Reach, we were a militarized/competitive and undefeated halo clan (If you don't believe check out our youtube channel from way back when). We were very successful throughout Halo Reach, whether it was a 4v4 clan battle or helping out friends in clan raids, that's what Freelancers do right?
This clan has always been about the casual, semi-competitive and the competitive. We welcome anyone looking to improve their skill in halo and who are also looking for a good time as well.We will be having a competitive teams that can do things like scrims, tournaments, clan matches, etc. We can even be called upon by other friendly clans for raids and what not if it is ever needed. Company Freelancer is not just a competitive clan, we will be doing things like customs, Warzone lobbies, big team lobbies, anything you can think of that you can do in Halo, we'll be doing it.Requirements
  • Age 13+
  • Mic
  • Ability to have fun and have a sense of humor and to take harsh jokes
  • Drive to get better at Halo
  • The want to find good friendships withing CFL
  • The Desire to Win, and Be the Best
We aren't just a halo clan, we can and will expand back out into various other games that we feel like expanding out to. Company Freelancer is not only a community of dedicated halo players, we are just gamers in general that share common interests on the one game that is Halo. If interested in joining or you want more information message me on Waypoint or message me on Xbox Live @ Jimmbabwe

Your Original Freelancers

Company Freelancer is back #WeBack #WeBack
I can join for 2 weeks... But I after that I won't be on until Late April because Grad School -..-