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Competitive player looking for team.

OP lOl Kronos lOl

I am an experienced and competitive halo player. I play to win. I know losses happen too lol I'm mainly good at slayer! Can't play objectives solo because my teammates -_- and I'm tired of it. I am a SR70 currently waiting on the email so I can get my next specialization. My Kd is 1.52 , I like to joke around a lot too. Usually play on weekend sometimes weekdays :) during the evening ! I'm looking for a team or clan that is good and is competitive or experienced.
I. Basics:
Initial Information- Hello I am First Sergeant Affliction of Bravo Company, Romeo Platoon in the Dropshock Brigade. Here at the Dropshock Brigade we strive for professionalism. We are one of the most organized, well structured, friendliest, and best lead clans in all of Halo.

History- The Dropshock Brigade got its start back on Halo 3. We have followed the games throughout the years and wish to begin recruiting for the next edition: Halo 4. We have always done our best to upkeep our values of good sportsmanship, and a strong bond between platoons. What started three years ago, has now grown into an immense army of over 100 strong. Our Roster consists of 6 North American Platoons, 3 European Platoons, and 2 Australian Platoons. Despite the timezone differences, we always find time to play together. Our forces could always use another HellJumper. Register today, and try your hand at Enlistment. Here at DSB, we go,
"Feet First Into Hell".

II. Registration and Enlistment:
Enlistment Form: To join the brigade, you must first register on our website and fill out the Enlistment Form. Make sure that you fill out every form in great detail. The enlistment process is a simple screening to determine who is truly committed to be a part of the Brigade. The best way to prove your worth is to be active, both on the forums and Halo 4.

III. What We Have To Offer:
Gaming- Unlike a lot of clans, we play together very often. We play Matchmaking a lot, the playlist varying on how many members are on. If we begin to get 7-8 or more in a lobby, then we may switch over to custom games. We have game nights usually on weekends at around 8pm (EST time) and play fun customs.

Entertainment- We regularly schedule clan matches to gain recognition among other clans, and mixers to form strong relationships between clans. We also have a nice Chatroom where you talk and meet new members. Make sure you keep the chat respectful. Also, we now feature OGame, or as we call it, Dusk Online.

Organization- We are a well organized clan with a Roster. Personnel are organized into divisions based upon where they live, and what time zone they are in. We have a wide variety of forums to discuss different things with other members.

Promotions- Promotions in the Dropshock Brigade are given for either a show of activity, loyalty, dedication, work ethic, and leadership skills. Do NOT ask for a promotion. Doing so will most likely result in a demotion or loss of merit. The detailed Ranking Structure explains everything about each rank.

If you have any questions check out our FAQ section.
Otherwise contact me on XBL, my Gamertag is DSB Affliction.
See you on the battlefield soldier.
Hey Krunchy,

If you are interested in a clan, check out Tactical Gaming. We have several squads dedicated to competitive play, competing regularly on Gamebattles and FraggedNation. A little bit about us: TG was created in November 2004 to bring together like-minded gamers from around the globe and from multiple platforms, to provide them Head Quarters (web site) where they can share their backgrounds, experience, and interests in teamwork and tactics. With our Warfare and Sports franchises, we have over 2000+ active members. If you wish to become a member, simply visit our site and register at

Head Quarters:

About us:

Why join us:

If you have any questions or would like to join in on a practice, message me on Waypoint or add me on XBL: jasparella

Be the Bullet is now recruiting for Halo 4 from players in all regions. We currently have Competitive and Casual players from the US, Canada, UK, India, and Australia. Advancement is available for active and capable members. Fire-teams will soon be activated for any desirable game types. In addition to a welcoming, capable, and diverse member base on Xbox Live, we offer a site and forums available for all members at "". In addition, our command staff is incredibly accessible and willing to help and accommodate any and all members.

Be the Bullet: an elevated Halo experience

Visit and apply now!
Hey KRuNchyyyyyyyyy, I'm Shingle, I seem to be a similar gamer to yourself in that we're both goofy and play weekends and PM hours. I am good at objectives and have been playing competitively for awhile. If your looking to make a team shoot me a friend request on XBL (Shingle FTW) and we'll game. If you want to join a clan this is the right forum to be in, otherwise I'd check out MLG or Gamebattles forums. Best of luck!

-Shingle FTW