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Competitive Team - xXGoon SquadXx - Recruiting

OP Scruffy The Fox

I'm still trying to gather team members for our team.
Msg my GT if interested "Scruffy The Fox"
You're not required to join the spartan company to join. This is not a clan.
However we do wear number emblems when playing together to signify that we are a team in matchmaking.
Again this is not required but preferred for team spirit.

Welcome to the Goon Squad.
- High Activity (10+ hrs/week)
- Positive KDR
- Gold Competitive Rank (if you have one)
- No Lone Wolves
- No quitting matches.
- Mic for communication.
-No discrimination. Anyone from all walks of life are welcome.
If you do not meet requirements, do not request to join. You won't be accepted.The Goon Squad is a competitive clan lead by Scruffy The Fox.
We play Arena and Warzone competitively. We are friendly and are looking for members.
Company Leader - Scruffy The Fox
Co Captain- FNG Drinky Crow
Please message Scruffy or Drinky online or send a request if you meet these requirements! : D
I'll join gamertag stash k2 .. I'm diamond and onyx rank kd 2.7 55% wins
Come on over and check out!! You dont need to leave your clans or think your joining a clan. This is a active community that just adds to your halo experience. If you ever need to find players to roll with, theres always members on. If your a clan leader you can post your clan there and recruit in our threads. The communities a win win for everyone. So drop over and signup. Tournys and Events are invite only because of our prize giveaways so if you ever want to be part of those special events, signup now.
Thanks Bomber
gt: bigdaddy b0mber