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Custom Game party

OP FoxMcGlocks

When H3 came out, I was never able to host LAN parties. So I'm gonna try to replicate that. Party is 4:00 PM CST January 20th 2020. DM me your gamertag and the modes you would like to play and I'll invite you the date of the party, keep in mind this is XBOX ONE only, cross-play won't work for some reason. We will also be doing forge on the H5 equivalent of Forge World, Alpine, so bring your Forging skills. The most requested GM will be played first, so choose wisely. I don't care about your gender or sexuality, only that you are chill and ready to have a good time playing Custom Games. But, a word of forewarning, I am 13 years old, so expect some bad language if you are a kid. Now onto rules
1. Kid friendly content only (Swearing is allowed but no talk about sexual things or anything else, lest you be booted)
2. No drunkards or druggies, we don't need kids having that as a role model
3. I would prefer you have a mic, but at the end of the day, I don't give a damn
4. HAVE FUN! (It's not a proper party without fun, so don't be afraid to be yourself, turn music on, or anything else)
The purpose of this party is to help lonely people like me make friends on halo