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DRC Recruiting!

OP Canadian Pun

DRC is a Private Military Clan that does not follow any Lore or faction in the community, we do our own thing. If interested in joining message me on here.

currently at 21 Members
I’ll keep you guys in mind I know a few people who need a company
now we are at 26 Members and growing!
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at 29 Members and growing! we dont merge into other Clans but do accept other Clans Merge into us.
Still Recruiting!

we operate alot on Discord, its a requirement to have it.
still Recruiting!

we are preparing to develop onto other games too and wont restrict members from being in 1 or 2 other Branches in the Community we are about to be.
still Recruiting!

we are at 25 Members currently and still looking for serious members to join and assist in developing the Clan.
still Recruiting!

at 18 Members (purged inactive members)

we changed our name to Death Row Company instead as Command was starting to link us to UNSC Clans.

still Recruiting!

at 22 Members

we dont accept alliances however we do accept other clans that want to merge into us, just contact me if your interested in merging into our Clan.
i like that guy whos trying to poach your members lol
But im with the Black Lotus Corp a small group of Forges looking to collaborate with other clans to make new maps to get thrown around in the mix of maps over used message me if you´d like to talk about forged new maps
i already got a few members working on Raid Maps, thanks anyways
The Fire Skulls join my new ODST clan and become helljumpers
no thanks, if your Helljumpers doesnt work out we might offer you and whats left of your Clan positions in ours.
Still Recruiting!

- It is not a requirement to join our Spartan Company, you would only join it if you want to go for achilles.

- at 24 members currently.
Still Recruiting!

if you do have Clan Experience we can give you a rank and position starting from 2 Weeks of Halo Clan Experience giving you Lance Private instead of Recruit, up to 14 Years of Halo Clan Experience giving you the rank of Chief Lieutenant (which is right below Captain)
so if you are interested in joining and getting a position and rank right away instead of going through many other ranks we offer you based o what you have.

- at 25 Members currently.
Looking to join, hit me up
still Recruiting!

- we have a Competitive Team if anyone is interested in trying out let me know and ill get you in contact with the Team Captain or Lieutenant for Tryouts.

- still at 25 Members