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Earn Achilles helmet with us

OP XCrimson AloneX

Kimchi Spartan is always looking for new members to earn the Achilles helmet with us. Our only real requirement is that you play ten games a week.(more details on that in the company bio)

Current Progress:
23/31 Commendations are complete. We still need:
- Forgot To Pay The Toll (987/1020): Level 5
- Something On Your Face (279420/291600): Level 5
- Standard Issue (334422/388800): Level 5
- From The Top Rope (4165/4900): Level 5
- Road Trip (23309/29200): Level 5
- Too Fast For You (14186/19400): Level 5
- Sorry Mate (22246/38900): Level 5
- The Pain Train (4110/9700): Level 5

If you think you can meet the 10-game weekly requirement, definitely send a request to join and it will usually be accepted within a day or two. We would be happy to have you.

If there are any questions, ask on this thread or in a PM, or even on our company's Discord Server.