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Fidelis Insurgency Clan and Company!

OP GloriousDart933

Fidelis Insurgency is looking for active, Halo 5 players who are willing to commit to a cause! We do not require you to change your gamertag, but we do require you to change your Armor during clan events, and your Service tag. We communicate, plan, etc via Discord, so if you do not have a Discord, or not will to get one, do not bother trying to join. We will always take a fight and never back down!

Some rules in the Clan:
Be Professional when told to
Be Disciplined
Hard work is rewarded
Respect other clans when have relations with
Keep your mouth shut when Leaders are talking with another clan
Have fun and relax, unless told not to :)
Be Mature
Go to Mcdonalds, get a McBetter with a side of skill and a large Be Smart

Hope to see you in the Clan - Dart
Contact me or II Exubrant II if you have questions