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Find Clans That Are Actively Recruiting

OP snickerdoodle

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Kiok you can join us
▪ Name Of Clan: Spectre ARK Froces (SAF)

▪ Point of Contact: Silent Icewolf (leader of SAF)

▪ Clan Mission: To work with the community and not be against it. We are a UNSC based clan that works with each other to a common goal. We are not a single unit, we are an army. We do not surrender but we do admit when we are beaten and will admit defeat. If you seem like you want to join SAF and you will show you're disciplined then please message the contact above if you are interested in joining. Hope to hear from you soon.
Clan Name: Trials Of The Kittens
Contact info: Msg Legomantorch89 on halo waypoint
Mission: To have fun and have a great time with friends
Spartan Company: Spartan Headhunters
"They say Spartans never die."

Spartan Headhunters

Why you should join us:
  • Daily & Weekly Competitive & Social Events
  • Ranking System & Tactical Strategies
  • Mature Command
  • Fun community
  • Regular Updates
  • Professional Team
  • Microphone (Decent bitrate)
  • 12+ Age
  • Pass Basic Company Training
  • Be able to follow orders
  • Be able to socialize with others
Commander: Ladboi
Tweet at us @S_Headhunters

Name of Spartan Company: Elemental Wolves
Point of Contact: II SnipeFang II or MetalWolf93
Mission: To bring casual and competitive gamers together and to never be alone when you need a team the most we always play together in any gamemode and always have fun no matter what we do. we do alot of custom games daily and we always have a good time.
Clan Name: DeathWatch Gaming
Point of contact: Invessa
Goals on Halo 5: We are looking to dominate the Halo 5 community and make our mark.
Description: The clan was started back in January of 2016. We have gone through ups and downs. At one point DW was at 90 members. That is not the case now. DW is at its lowest member count with only 30 support troops. We hope by the end of the month to have our numbers to 50. I (Invessa) have led clans since 2011 on Halo 4. Take a look at our YouTube channel and see if you're interested in joining.
CLAN NAME:SND bleu team

You do not need to fight with us.
We are want a recommendations.
We need your help for commendations!!
Join us, we have no minimum level requirements.
Clan Name: NERV

Game: Halo 5

Point of contact: Asriei Dremurr (Xbox GT)

Description: NERV is a militarized gaming group based off the anime Neon Genesis Evangelion (knowledge of the series isn't important). As such, we do raids over competitive matches, however if we established a fire team it would be more common. We are looking for members who are willing to listen, be online every day if not most days of the week, and communicate with their higher ups to establish a well organized team to accomplish anything.

Requirements: Must be at least 15 and have a working mic (not kinect)


Information: Sierra Company is an extremely Military based clan that follows UNSC naval ranks and doctrine. We are competitive and put a huge emphasis on Teamwork, Fairplay and structure. We put a great amount of work into our maps and even more into our structure and doctrine. Our community is a good disciplined group and we wanna stay true to real military doctrine and bearing. We can promise. that there isn't a clan that comes close to us in military terms and we have former military.

  • Be of 14+ Years of age.(Though when joining you automatically agree to be apart of an adult environment, We do curse alot.)
  • Preferable to have a Mic.(Though it is not really a requirement, just a bonus.)
  • Actually want to do this.
  • Be willing to suffer through a proper and grueling basic training for 4-5hours.(Though Rapid Courses can be held; you will start from the bottom after finish. 2hours)
  • Be willing to listen and take orders when needed.(We don't restrict your gameplay at the core, We just order when absolutely necessary. Gameplay is just as normal.)
  • Be respectful and disciplined.
  • Be willing to maintain a military attitude and bearing.
  • Be willing to follow uniform regulations whilst on duty.(hours of duty are from 1pm to 12pm, Though you may wear whatever off duty and not with the company.)
To join: Please contact "Mick Kito" or "ReconShadow14".
Hello there, I'm trying to form a competitive 4v4 team that works well together through communication, teamwork and skill. We can do scrims, 1v1s or just go into matchmaking, I'm happy to do anything that will improve my halo game and yours. The point of this team is to win (and have fun doing so, but competing at the higher levels in halo is the main objective). This isn't a community with a bunch of people that you'll never talk to and it's not a clan, it's just me (so far) hoping to find some like minded, competitive halo players who want to win at all costs. So if you think this is you and you want to be a part of this competitive scene, just private message me on here or send me a message on Xbox live and we can work the rest out from there.
Looking forward to seeing you on the virtual battlefield!
Hi if you play SWAT I will happily be apart of your team.
Here is a link of a game I did to show what kind of player I am.
The Inferno Knights is a newly formed spartan company looking for active members to fill our ranks. As a Inferno Knight, your job will be to find new warriors and just play the game. My goal as the Primarch is the make sure every knight has a great time playing the game they love! Come join me and hopefully many others in our mission to make this spartan company great.
This spartan company includes a player Hierarchy and many other features for you to enjoy! Enlist today!
Contact me at my gammer tag: Primarch Hyndon
The Shield of Sanghelios

The Shield of Sanghelios is a sangheili (Elite) themed clan. The clan is run as meritocracy and as such, leaders are chosen based on experience and accomplishments. This is a "military" clan and members are expected to respect this by listening to commanding officers during training and other formal events. This clan will partake in the usual clan activities (Training, Raids, gamenights, etc.) and will work towards making gaming a better enviroment for everyone to enjoy.

Currently, the clan hasn't offically become active and I'm still setting up the government of the clan. While I am experienced in halo clans, I would still like input from other players.

Mission statement
The Shield of Sanghelios' purpose is to help make gaming a healthier enviroment for gamers to enjoy as well as provide members with a good clan experience.

  • Age 13 or older (This clan will be an uncensored enviroment)
  • Be an active gamer
  • Follow the rules of the clan and listen to superiors
  • Maintain a serious attitude during formal events
  • Be willing to invest some time into the clan
  • Be respectful to your fellow member and gamers
  • Follow regulations on uniform and loadout
  • Be in an Elite character if the choice is given in a halo game
  • Own at the very least a Xbox one and Halo 5
While it is not required, it is heaviky advised that you get a mic so that you can easily communicate.

Contact D3V 1337 via waypoint or Xbox live if you wish to join.
(Please do not post in the thread asking to join, that is not the purpose of it)
You tired of playing by yourself and you are tired of having to deal with people that are just fooling around too much in your clan? Well if you want to join a disciplined, well mannered clan and you are willing to follow orders then SAF is for you. There are a few things you will need to know before joining though

:-We are a UNSC based clan so all ranks will be followed by UNSC ranks
-There are no armor requirements to be a part of this clan only emblem and armor colors
-Mics are not required but it would help if you did to improve communication
-People of ages 14 and up are only allowed (sorry kids)
-You must be willing to be disciplined when joining because I will NOT take foolish behavior during raids/training/meetings
-Willing to follow orders from higher ups within the clan

Other than that. I will explain more into SAF when you join if you decide to join.

If you wish to join and you feel this clan is for you message my gamertag: Silent Icewolf

I will get back to you at my earliest convenience.
Name of clan: The Burlum Knights
Contact: Directly apply by using the link above, message me on Xbox live, (GT:Burlum65) or email me at
Mission: We focus on having fun and playing custom games. We can do competitive things like raids and stuff but we mainly focus on the custom games.
Thanks for listening
Prime Gaming Is looking for any spartans ready for battle
SFOD III, known only as, "The Unit", is now recruiting. We are a Casual, laid back clan that enjoys the last of the great halo games. These include everything (not counting) Halo 4. Mainly Reach, we will sometimes, not a lot though, play Halo 5. We are not MLG. If you are interested, please message me or my co- leader/co-founder Swordsman2552 to request sign ups. Depending on availability, we try our best to get back to you. As we are not a highly competitive, the use of a mic is not a necessity

Officially, we do not exist to the world. Unofficially, we are a highly trained group of special forces commandoes known as Special Forces Operational Detachment Delta to those in high positions of UNSC power. To most, though, we are known only as, "The Unit"
BLOODY PAWZ Is now accepting members as we have eliminated all inactives and cleared room. Come join in and be First in line to not only get Armor but to play with a great group of fun halo players and also work together to get better. Send an Invite and join a great Company. See you there -Add as a friend
& Gunboy1000
To offer a little bit of background,

Company Motto: "1st to Battle/Last to Retreat"

Leader: SecretJohnDoe

Est. 6/19/2016

How it began: (Based around a novel I'm considering to write) "A legion created around the concept of war. The Nomad Legion, by EU lore, was created by a band of men and women Spartans who were sent to assassinate an Elite commander. The operation was not a success, but in the end the Spartans managed to cripple the COVENANT armada and secure a future for the Legion.
The "NOMAD" Legion use Guerilla like tactics mixed with Military combat styles to overwhelm the enemy. Search and destroy, Search and Rescue, assassinations, sabotage, even daring frontline assaults, the "NOMAD" Legion will be on the front lines giving the Covenants hell."

OUR MISSION: To better the skill of fellow SPARTANS and push back the enemy. Our motto, "First into Battle, Last to Retreat"

Interested? How to Apply: Interested in our mission? Want to join the cause? Send a PM to "SecretJohnDoe" or visit our Company page to read up and apply if interested.

Thank you and have a good day.
recruiting active team members
please read our bio and contact one of our lieutenants before requesting to join.
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