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Find Clans That Are Actively Recruiting

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Recruiting for a UNSC clan
game: Halo 5
needs a mic and must be 13 and over
message to join
Kirigaya SIV
The Uncle Cazu
II S12O Mike
Name of Clan: Hades Empire

Point of Contact: Myself (Havoc XCI) or my First Ascendant GT: Spartanbattle.
Clan Mission: If your looking for A Competitive, Role-playing, and Chaotically Evil Clan there look no further.
Clan Bio:
>> Hades Empire Is a fanatical and warlike Sect plaguing the Galaxy and UNSC alike,
An ancient faction once based out of the Hades System, The Blood-kin of Hades are
the most vicious and cut-throat of all the UNSC factions. They spent countless ages
Perfecting the Art of War.

> The House of Hades possess a culture that is distinct from their Allies and UNSC counterparts,
As is their manner of thought. their morals and ethics are considered barbaric by their brethren,
but their power in battle is undeniable.

> The House of Hades have a brutal and War-like society, and all members adhere to a
Chain of Ascension. This chain determines who is in command of the society, and is ruled by a
High-Lord. No Blood-Kin may fight or kill another above his rank unless he first challenges them
to Skallathrax, rite by ritual combat. Attacking a superior outside a Skallathrax duel is punished
through public execution. All Blood-kin are warriors within the Hades Empire, and believe that it is one's
strength in battle that defines an individual.

> We are a War Cult Based clan, a warrior society. The frail must die so the strong can thrive. Such is the
way of Skallathrax...such is the way of the Hades Empire. Hate shall be our weapon, Impurity shall be our
armor. Immortality shall be our reward. We are Hades. Interested?
- The Chain of Ascension -
"Defeat your Masters, or Fall Beneath them.."
This will be where you will challenge someone for a higher position within the Clan.
"Only the Strong will lead and the Weak shall follow."
>> The Chain of Ascension - The Chain applies to each and every Hades member, and enforces a strict structure of rank.
Any Member can give orders to those lower in the chain than themself. The strong survive, weaker links in the chain are removed,
and the House of Hades as a whole become stronger.

> The Highlord of the Hades Empire is at the highest point of the chain, Under him is the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Ascendants.
>> Skallathrax - Is a formalized Duel used by the Hades Empire.

> The duels were infrequent, and often involved long planning ahead of time. It was rare to be surprised by a duel.
These were generally watched by thousands of Blood-kin as a source of entertainment.
Attacking a superior outside of Skallathrax was punishable by public execution.
> The common edict of Skallathrax was "Defeat your masters, or Fall Beneath them."
"It is through this Ritual that Hades Ascendants are assured to be the most capable to carry out its Willand Lead."

> Skallathrax duels had two "primaries", the challenger and the higher-ranking challenged. Others (In The Clan) could participate,
with some duels even involving 2v2's to 8v8's. To Reject a declaration of Skallathrax or go against its laws was considered
an act or cowardice. You Cannot challenge Someone 2 positions ahead of you, You must Defeat the link above you to climb the Chain of Ascension.
I am looking for a fun little Military clan with a smaller competitive team that my team Global may scrim against I think it could benefit for both sides!
If you don't like how the clan community has been treating you, my shpeel is for you. I have recently created a community of friends that play matchmaking and also taking down a clan every once n' a while. If your interested send Warned Bunny a friend request.
Clan name : 105th Legion
Point of Contact : FusionMister
Company Mission: To forge bonds and lasting friendships through semi competitive gameplay. We enjoy winning and individual success but having a good time takes priority.
The Tamriel Outlaws is looking for good members that play a good amount so we can work as a team towards the Achilles armor set. The more players we have the easier it will be, open to all.

Happy Hunting,
The Tamriel Outlaws
Company: N0VA C0MPANY 39
Age Requirement: none
Point of contact: Message "solid peach 333" on xbox for details and to join.
Mission: To play together, have fun, and hopefully get the Achilles one day. I'd love for any new members that i can get.
Name of Clan: legends of arcadia
Point(s) of Contact:
  • (XB1 and Forum) AguilaOfDeath (Co-Leader) ~ S-114
  • (XB1 and Forum) Mark XI Spartan (Leader) ~ S-116
  • (XB1 only) Wolfia Spartan (Co-Leader) ~ S-115
Background / Lore: Legends of Arcadia is a Spartan Company filled with only the Spartans that were in the Arcadia campaign (Halo Wars). Many of us are combat veterans. We train in the Art of Swords as the Energy Sword in a sacred weapon to us. Main gamemode is Warzone (all variants).
Mission: To establish a militarized clan in the Halo community and get well known. We also help train people to hone their skills and get better in skill.
  • 15+ Age, Maturity please.
  • Must have working mic that is clear and functional. No Kinects.
  • K/D must not be negative.
  • Able to follow orders.
looking for an active clan/group anyone willing to get back to me id appreciate it
69th Company
Message: Nagayami0083

Mission: To Have fun. We paly lots of warzone and some slayer. A mic is a must here guy's. We are a vary active Clan at time of posting.
Message me Nagayami0083 on Xbox for better response times THX.
Name: Blades of rage

Point of Contact: bluntHEADtrauma or RIDICULOSE

Mission: Have fun while working together to get unique armors

Other requirements: Just be active while playing halo, also try to get commendations.

We are currently working for Achilles armor so we need active. We are always trying to improve our skill in halo while playing various game types. We dont care for fpur for four level or K/D we only care about your progress.


Blades Of Rage
Campaña Spartan de Habla española.
Se aceptan Jugadores Que Al menos juegen de Dos a Tres dias por semana. Jugamos por diversion y para desbloquear premios en el juego. Interesados ​​mandar Solicitud y les agregaremos a La Campaña.
Sobretodo no obligamos a nada.
Jugar por Diversión no por obligación.
pra mar imforcamcion contacten con
(dejen un mensaje -o ZEROSUIT o
(dejen un mensaje -XAVI GTR

son todos bienvenidos ;)
This is a company that consists of people with a love for halo. We support competitive warzone and arena.
We are on the lookout for active members to show up for events and be active in the community.
Remember if you want to join please request and we will get back to you as soon as we can, Remember to be patient.

Requirements to join us:

  • Have a mic.
  • Not currently part of another other Spartan Company
  • Be willing to participate in matches
  • Speak English (To ensure that the team can communicate with ease
  • We WILL NEVER scrutinize and boot members from the company based on in-game performance. We just ask that you play to win

We are a competitive clan looking for more members to join us in our clan to help us in becoming stronger. Most of us are on everyday and we are all in different timezones therefore you will always be able to play with someone in our clan.This is a community of Spartans that strive for greatness,we accept any and all into our ranks to hone their skills.

Our mission:
  • To make the player reach their maximum potential, help them find their weaknesses and them help them improve
  • We wish to help anyone and bring them to a standard where they compete and know how to win encounters easily.
  • We will assist every member where they need improvement, helping them learn callouts, how to efficiently strafe in close range and long range.
We hope to create a home for casual and competitive players alike and to become the best at what we do in specific game types.

NOTE: If you'd like to add one of us or need help with anything. Please send us a message via Xbox live, or send me a message on here (with the reason your messaging us), and we'll get back to you. We are Looking for very active players that are willing to play whatever mode is required to earn our company commendations for the Achilles armor. We are progressing quickly and do not have time for inactive players. We need the full support of everyone to get it done as quickly as possible. We will happily accept you into our company when a position becomes available

Fireteam Horse is an actual team in the Halo universe! So for serious Halo fans looking for something better than the status quo "MLG NO SCOPEZ" Spartan companies,Look no further.
Name: United Command

Contact: JrTheAbaddon

We are a military clan.
Marines- Open and recruiting
Special Forces-not open
Council-Not open
Military police-Not open
If u want role play with military clans then this is the place. We are currently at war with Noble Soldiers.
i dont know how to remove this
clan: SOS (Souls of Sparta)
Point of contact: myself (princevegeta8)
Clan mission: a place to play with people who love halo and don't worry about K/D, we would like our numbers to grow so that it feels more like a community than a group.
Founded by a group of members from a previous clan, Company Freelancer was a dominate clan back in Halo Reach, we were a militarized/competitive and undefeated Halo clan (If you don't believe check out our youtube channel from way back when). We were very successful throughout Halo Reach, whether it was a 4v4 clan battle or helping out friends in clan raids, that's what Freelancers do right?
This clan has always been about the casual, semi-competitive and the competitive. We will be having a competitive teams that can do things like scrims, tournaments, clan matches, etc. We can even be called upon by other friendly clans for raids and what not if it is ever needed. If you're in this group there is no Emblem or Service Tag Requirement, You're Freelancer, you don't have to have any restrictions of that nature. Company Freelancer is not just a competitive clan, we will be doing things like customs, Warzone lobbies, big team lobbies, anything you can think of that you can do in Halo, we'll be doing it.

  • Skill At Halo
  • Mic
  • Active on Halo
  • Preferably Platinum Rank, Some Exceptions
  • Desire to grow as a Halo Player
  • Willingness to learn
  • Good Attitude
Join us, be a Freelancer, Don't let someone boss you around on Halo, don't let someone tell you what emblem or service tag to wear, join us become a Freelancer, be the spartan you want to be, wear the emblem you want to wear, become Free and be a part of Company Freelancer

Sincerely Your Original Freelancers,
Welcome to the xXGoon SquadXx
- High Activity (10+ hrs/week)
- Positive KDR of 1.3 or 2.5 KDA
- Gold Competitive Rank
- No Lone Wolves
- No quitting matches.
- Mic for communication.
If you do not meet requirements, do not request to join. You won't be accepted.The Goon Squad is a competitive clan lead by Scruffy The Fox.
We play Arena and Warzone competitively. We are friendly and are looking for members.
Company Leader - Scruffy The Fox
Co Captain- FNG Drinky Crow
Please message Scruffy or Drinky online or send a request if you meet these requirements! : D
Name of clan: Old Dawgs New Tricks

Point of contact: Hebrew Master or DaRk MiKe

Mission: Have some laughs, looking for mature gamers(25+) to play warzone, infection, slayer, griffball, did i mention infection?? :) "Im tired of these MONKEY FIGHTING SNAKES, on this MONDAY TO FRIDAY PLANE!!" Usually somebody online Monday to Friday in the evenings Saskatchewan time (We dont believe in daylight savings time) and sporadically during the weekends.
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