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I am recruiting for my clan HaloForce
We have 11 members so far, who are all active, and we are on our way to the achilles armour, but our clan is mostly focused on enjoying Halo, and forming teams and making new allies.
Hope to see you along side us soon
For any queries, contact me on Xbox or here, my gt is - Jack0fDiamonds6 (the 'o' is a zero)

Are you looking for a mature and active community to play Halo with? Look no further! Check out Chaos Gaming!

We have been around since Halo 3 and have a very solid foundation as a community. Our goal is to provide online gamers with a place to have fun, make new friends, and relax. We play a variety of games with Call of Duty and Halo being our biggest divisions. I have been a part of Chaos since 2013 and I have loved every moment of it. We do have requirements to join because we pride ourselves on being a mature community built on respect towards others. If you are interested, please check our requirements below:

- You must be 16 or older. There is no need to lie, we just want to weed out immature players
- You must have a fairly decent quality mic and speak English. (The regular xbox mic is fine, we aren’t asking for Turtle Beaches or Astros, just no really loud kinect mics that echo or produce a lot of static)
- You must be willing to change the first line of your bio and your in-game service/clan tag.
- Respect everybody! We believe everybody is a human being, regardless of race, gender, belief, or nationality. Racism/ Discrimination will not be tolerated at all!

There are a few more things that I can cover if you are interested in joining, but these are a few of the basic things that we ask all members to respect when joining. We hold scheduled gamenights every night (typically at 10pm EST) so every day you can look forward to getting together and playing with a bunch of other people!
Interested in joining? Just shoot me a message on Xbox (GT: A Wolf of Chaos) I look forward to hearing from you!
If you want more information about Chaos Gaming, check us out on the following sites!

Website: (You must be a member to fully register on the website)
Facebook: We Are Chaos
Twitter: @WeAreChaosNet
The Naval Defense Republic is now recruiting for Halo 5. We're looking for active members we are a small starting out clan out leaders where old high commanding officers of epsilon fleet if you wish to join please message me or if you would like more info.
A big fan of Project Freelancer from Red vs Blue? If so this is a clan for you. When available, the name of our company will be Project Ressurect, the rebirthing of Project Freelancer. Our goal is to secure the existence of humanity through a violent world. We are run the same way Project Freelancer did, with individual agents, ranking, and each freelancer is treated equally. Agents are named after the 50 states of the United States of America. Although we try to be exactly like Project Freelancer, we stay away from the mistakes the director made, with the AIs and all that. So if you are interested in joining, message me on Xbox or on halo channel.
We are recruiting for our clan HaloForce, where we are an active clan, who are just looking for active members to create teams and warzone groups. We are a strong clan with very good players, people willing to listen, and players willing to lead. We are also getting the achilles armour along the way.
For any queries, contact me, my gamertag is - Jack0fDiamonds6 (the 'o' is a zero)
Looking for military based clan, well know to how it all works as I was in one before, got busy now looking to join another to start my path.
Clan name- Project Ressurect
Goal (Story):Reform Project Freelancer, secure the existence of humanity through this galaxy. (Red vs Blue based clan)

We do game nights, scrimmages, patrols, and raids. This is not a military based clan.

Each member is an agent that is named after one of the 50 states of America. One person per state. Agents and can use and specialize in what they want. Based on your performance from the last event, you will be put into a league (1-5) 5 being the best.
We are only a few days old is looking for anyone to join. Contact Gh0st P3ngu1n if interested in join.

*The original Project Freelancer belongs to RoosterTeeth
Looking for military based clan
Ex military based clan pres , ex gen looking for fresh start in a new military style clan , that includes war , battles all that teamwork stuff and structure
A little about us:
Hello, my name is Josef Sullivan, Director of the Naval Defense Republic (NDR) and Spartan II CO. The Naval Defense Republic is a UNSC Based clan focused on Halo 5.

NDR Divisions:
High Command: Leaders of NDR
Marine Corps: Main Unit of the NDR
Spartan IIs: Elite Raid Group (Program has not started)

Name of your clan: Naval Defense Republic
Point of contact: Josef Sullivan (Spartan II CO), Nyygma (Marine CO).
Clan mission: The Naval Defense Republic's Clan Mission is to create a home for Casual and Competitive gamers, and those Semi-Competitive people in between.

So, why NDR? Well by joining us you'll almost never play alone! We have members in the US (also Canada) and EU. As we grow we will add more squads and expand the roster.

To join the Naval Defense Republic, go to and send in a Marine Application.
I'm looking for a military unsc based clan one that dose raids training and meeting as well as run warzones games once and awhile plz message me on xbox live
The Unlucky Lads,

Is a company mixed up with casual gamers and some of the good guys.
We are currently looking for 20 more active members to get the achilles helmet.

What we want from you is to be social and nice to each and every one in the game (WE ARE NO FARMERS). Also level 100+ is a must or if ur not you will have to show us your worth it, less then 20 kills a game? dont even bother applying.

We already have the armor and we on 80% on getting the helm.If i think you got what it takes to be one of us send me a message or just apply.


Lord Baelishhh
SPARTAN Ladies. A company for people whose spartans are female. Message me if your interested.
hey whats up guys! if anyone is looking for a clan join TRUST My Mentality, we are a company of halo 5 based grinders on the road for the Achilles armor set.
I'm recruiting for the Ronin Company which is a great group working to have fun and get the Achilles, so join today and let's work together to become the best!

Founded by a group of members from a previous clan, Company Freelancer was a dominant clan back in Halo Reach, we were a militarized/competitive and undefeated Halo clan (If you don't believe check out our YouTube channel from way back when). We were very successful throughout Halo Reach, whether it was a 4v4 clan battle or helping out friends in clan raids, that's what Freelancers do right?

This clan was built on the foundation of an active group of casual, semi-competitive and hardcore halo players. We have been around since the early days of Halo Reach. We are a anti-military, military/competitive group of Freelancers. We have no ranking system, We are all equals. We will fight alongside allied clans whenever they need it. Our version of training for our members is octagon, 8s, FFA, anything that will help you grow as an individual halo player and as a Freelancer. We will help you improve your shot, increase your Arena rank, Win Games, etc. Once we have active members and we grow as a company custom game nights, warzone lobbies, BTB Lobbies, etc. will be more common. Joining Company Freelancer you gain many opportunities, opportunities you wouldn't have in many clans. You have Freedom here, this is an organization, an organization that has brought clans to their knees and dwindled their little egos. We Are Dominant, We Are A Family, We Are Company Freelancer.

      • +12 Years of Age
      • ACTIVE ON HALO 5
      • Skill At Halo
      • Desire to learn and get better
      • Open to Criticism
      • Desire To Win
      • Wearing the Company Freelancer Emblem is Optional, but not required to be apart of Company Freelancer
Your Original Freelancers,
*Clan Name: The Pink Furry Tail

*Point of contact: Xbox message / Waypoint message. SkullySmith

*The mission: To just have a good time as a team and socialize. from killing dozens of grunts. to fighting off a swarm of infecteds. Our mission is to simply get along and enjoy the game and the community.

The Company respects everyone's culture, gender & fanbase. so if anyone's struggling to find a company that respects who they are, this is the company for you.
Clan name:
Echo 419 Reborn
Contact Cosmic Jim 111 if interested
Looking for member that's are down for a good time playing with teams and have good communication and are respectful of others. People that are open to listen to new ideas and will follow tactics are highly welcome but also wanting people who aren't afraid to share their ideas. Mics would be recommended as it is hard to communicate while playing games. Also we are not going to be try hard's all there will be times where we just kick back and play some custom games. So if you want to help a new clan grow please join and ill see you out there.
Hello I'm the leader of United Nations Meridian Command and we are looking for new recruits.

Our clan has members that are willing to take responsibility for their actions and willing to follow orders to the letter. We are a UNSC based clan looking for new recruits. I used to have a bigger clan with about 40 members but it fell apart after a month of being up but I wasn't the best leader to lead it either but I reformed myself with a better mind on my clan and I'm ready to lead again. If you are looking for a disciplined clan with members that will treat each other as family and not go behind each other's backs to betray the clan.

There are requirements thought to join and they are:

  • Must be 12+ and learn to listen
  • Be at least Spartan Rank 10+
  • Have either the Knot Emblem or the Liang Dortmund Emblem
  • Willing to follow orders
  • Have a mic (unless you can follow orders without speaking because of medical reasons)
  • Are not part of a clan already and want to leave for mines (I do NOT allow poaching)
  • Have at least a visor that's red (examples: Remembrance, Rampant, Blindside)
  • Have at least one of the three variations of the Recruit Armor (Recruit, Charred, Proven)

There are rules too:

  • No Teabagging
  • No Killing others at the ends of training sessions/raids/meetings
  • Stay in uniform when you are in all clan activities
  • Do not talk over a commanding officer
  • No assaulting other clans (provoking them, shooting at them in meetings/raids unless ordered to by commanding officials)
  • No poaching from other clans for recruitment
  • No foreign relations without talking with commanding officials first
  • No attacking leading officials unless in a raid against another clan
  • Always follow orders when told
  • When you go through boot camp or discipline training you are to follow commands or fail as a group
  • Give a notice if you have to go AFK from the game
  • No random inviting unless authorized
  • When invited by commanding officials you are to join unless you have other business to attend to that's more important after speaking with leading officials of your LOA (LOA=Leave of Absence
Other than that just contact this gamertag and we'll get you started:

UNMCxReaper (Field Marshall of UNMC)
AKILLIES Spartan Company is 94% complete (24/31) with the Kill Mastery Commendations - The ACHILLES HELMET

We just cleared all inactive members and we now have 22 Openings!

*Clan Name: AKILLIES
*Point of contact: Xbox message / Waypoint message: Jack 0O1
*The mission: PLAY! Must have an ACTIVE and CURRENT game history.

- Stay Committed, Stay Consistent. Finish The Grind, Earn The Helmet. -
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